Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Laundry Fairy...

Really DOES exist!!!!!!!!!

I kid you not!!!!!!

And everyone and anyone can access this wonderful little fairy at a certain, about 37, I mean 29!!!

Before we left for today's jaunt thru the mountains, I was going to get a load of wash going...come to find out my fairy mother has been doing it for me and its ready to be folded!! I didn't even notice it gone from the top of the stairs...she's THAT good!!! Wonder where she hides her wand....must steal it before she leaves!!!  I could make a fortune with it!!!

On the Samantha front...apparently I missed all the fun this morning! The cat puked on the couch, and Sam puked on Daddy....darn! HA! He can keep it!  BUT with the puke seems to have come the end of the sickness. She threw up on an empty stomach, so that's good. And then kept juice down...then meds...then chocolate milk. With that, we headed out the door for a trip to Cashmere to get my Dad some more Aplets & Cotlets candies. They really ARE good!!! Plus, we were in search of any fruit stand with good prices on cherries....peaches...anything! Seems they're mostly geared to tourists...and not knowing anyone who lives over there, we don't know where to really go. Sam fell asleep on the way and we let her be...Howie stayed back with her while the rest of us wandered a fruit stand. Sure do have a lot of stuff! I even saw purple corn for popping...makes me curious!

We had lunch at the BBQ place we discovered back in lived up to the memory!!! Oh it was SO yummy!!!!! AND when SamSam woke up, her fever had broken!!! The colour seemed to have come back...but she was clingier than white on rice!!! Man! I could do nothing!! And she wanted NO part of Daddy!! But, at least the fever had broken! She did perk up a bit over the rest of the day. Still no appetite tho...maybe she'll find it tomorrow!

Since lunch was so filling, we all napped in the truck while Howie drove us home. That had its pluses and minuses....everything was nice and quiet...but we all woke up after 5pm...YIKES!! Since we were all still full from lunch, dinner didn't really happen at the "appointed" time around here! The kids were outside playing til just about 8 pm...then we came in and had a hodge podge of stuff to eat, chips, hummus, scones, veggies, dips...just grazing. Sam wouldn't have any of it...and started feeling warm on the forehead...but not the rest of her body. So who knows! I'm tired of her being sick! I want my little girl back!

Once the kids were finally in bed shortly after 9 we watched America's Got Talent....which is finally worth watching now! This is a take-it-or-leave-it show for me....if I miss it, oh well! Y'know? One by one everyone went to its my turn!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Poor thing! Maybe Toy Story perked her up. We've had constant allergies here. Yuk!

    I like America's got talent when I watch it, but now my entire focus is on BIG BROTHER. Jason, Sydney, and I are nuts about that stupid show. LOL!


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