Saturday, July 17, 2010

What day is it!??!!

Every day has felt like Saturday since my parents arrived!!! I keep asking everyone what day IS it!?!?!

I knew it was Friday when the Avon delivery came....

but then forgot when I was sitting in the massaging chair getting my toes all summer'd up with this gorgeous pink polish! Me and my mama went and got our toes did....with NO kids in tow!! Imagine that!! :)

After that we slipped over to Freddy's to get some milk, cream and cranberry juice...and to deliver some Avon to a client.

Oooooh our neighbours got home last nite in the wee hours....DJ was beyond THRILLED to see their van parked this morning while we were on the back deck. I didn't believe him til I saw for myself! It took some work to get him to be patient and wait for K to come out and play...LOTS of patience!!!! He couldn't wait much past 11 am...he was bouncing! Good thing they were up and moving and the boys came out to play. DJ was set for the day then! That is til he came in and sat down...and crashed and took a 2 hour nap!!!

Howie came home from fishing and crashed for a nap....DJ came in twice last nite...about 5 mins apart too! So he was pretty tired when he got back fishless....which was a bummer!!!

So while Sam was napping too, mom and I slipped was perfect timing really!

When we got back the boys were ready and we got changed and headed out...Michaela babysat the kids while we headed to Canyons restaurant. They have a happy hour from 4-7 and their appetizers are half price! So, we got 5 apps to share and each had a salad...our table wasn't big enough!! Insane how much food there was really! And SO nice to be eating with my parents kidless! Not sure we've ever really done that....maybe before DJ came along...but that seems SO long ago now! Any way ya slice it, it was wonderful!! On our way home we stopped at DQ and got blizzards! YUM!!!! Perfect end to a great day!!!

Howie said he was saving his to share with the kids...but really it was because he couldn't eat it while driving! ha! Dad and I had no problem finishing ours! :D The kids were thrilled to see us and of course to share Daddy's dessert! Since DJ had had such a massive nap he went back out to play...SamSam got ready for bed and went down easily! I'm SO glad she's back to normal now!! She's still suffering mildly with her molaring...but she's managing just fine! Such a sweet girl!

DJ was SO excited to sleep in clothes tonite...but too excited to actually sleep...right away! He came out with the pillow hiding his bum to tell me something...cracks me up he does that! He did finally crash tho...and I'm sure he'll have another nap tomorrow on the way home from fishing! Here's hoping he catches dinner for us! My mom said she's never had "Howie caught salmon" that's fresh...poor thing! She reads about it all the time on the blog, but has never had it...we HAVE to fix that!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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