Friday, July 9, 2010

They finally made it!!!!!!

As I type this, my parents are resting comfortably in the coolness of the basement bedroom while we roast upstairs! :) Its not that bad actually!!! Of course, we now have fans going everywhere....should help!

This morning I got woken up by Samantha...yeah, she climbed out of her crib by herself....since DJ wasn't there to help. In fact, that was the first thing she said to me...Aw Jay GONE! (that's how she says DJ) so when I told he'd gone fishing with Daddy, she was disappointed. Even went down to the garage to call for him! It was cute! No way was she in a snuggle mood...she wanted to get going! I put the tv on for her and went to wake up.

She and I had a lovely nice and quiet! :) When she got done we got dressed and ready to head out. We left at 10:40 and I thought we'd be a bit late...turns out, we arrived at the airport exactly as they were landing!!! It only took me an hour to get there using the carpool lane! Sweet!!!! Samantha fell asleep on me at not kool! She slept til I parked the car at the cell phone lot. At noon we got back into the loop of the airport and there they were waiting!!! They said they'd been waiting 5 mins, so good timing all around! We drove them home where Howie and DJ were waiting with 10 Dungeness crab!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!

The afternoon passed quietly with everyone taking turns napping....well, except for the kids....they were everywhere! pool included! Howie boiled up all the crab for dinner...and finally it was time to eat!! Oh what a feast it was!!! So delicious!! Samantha ate an entire crab for herself!! She's quite lucky too...she didn't have to shell it, just eat it!! DJ...the crab catcher...wouldn't even try a bite!!! So insane!!!! Maybe one day he'll come around.

After the kids were in bed mom and I shelled the remaining 4 crabs we didn't eat to hopefully make crab cakes! Dad slept in my chair and Howie watched tv. Very low key as they adjust to the time zone difference!  Once everyone was in bed I got comfy in my chair and tried to find something interesting to watch...alas, nothing! Altho, Samantha scared me silly when she came down the hall looking for me....guess the whole "I can get out of my crib" thing is for real! She was thirsty so I gave her a partial sippy cup and put her back in bed. An hour later, I hear her talking to me again, but she's not in the hall...she's in our bedroom scaring the sleep outta Howie! I get her back in bed and tell her she can't get out again...OY! Methinks it might be time to take the baby rail off and put the day bed rail up...scary stuff!!!! I don't like all her mobility...but I'd rather that than hearing a THUD in the middle of the nite!

You'll notice I won't comment on the whole LeBron hour for a 15 second sound bite, charity or not, was very egotistical! Back to real(ity) tv please!! SYTYCD did what I thought they would....gave everyone a bye and poor Alex is out. I'm sad for this...but it does shake things up for sure! Next week will be telling....we'll see who emerges as the leader now that he's gone.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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