Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two more sleeps!!!!!!!!!

That's all that's left til Grandma and Poppa are here!!!!!! Which means I have tomorrow to clean! Thursday, me and baby girl are driving in to get them from the airport and the boys are going crabbing! Here's hoping!

This morning the plan was to go to Edmonds and get my hearing aids fixed and while there, pop in on my g/f Laura with her Avon order. Rather convenient that they're 2 miles apart! We didn't get out of here near as early as I thought we would! One thing after another and we're 45 mins past what I wanted! GRRRRR School is going to be a chore!

We head out down our hill and hit hwy 2 and the light was I treat it like a 4 way stop and go at my turn....I take the lane I'll need to go straight thru town to stay on hwy 2...BAD idea!! I should have clued in...if one light is down, they all are! UGH!!!!! It took me a half hour to go 2 miles!!! It was awful!!! There were NO cops directing traffic...there were PUD trucks all over the place, but no workers were seen doing anything! Insane!! Even more ironic...I have a g/f who's at her work watching the traffic on hwy 2 just for fun!!! I gave her the finger as I passed a camera! :D

I change course and take 522 instead of taking hwy changing lanes was tricky! But it paid off! We were moving! As I go up over the hwy, I look over to my right and the next light is working just fine...go figure! Then I look back in rear view mirror and SamSam is SLEEPING!!!!!!!!! It's only 11:50 and she's snoozin away!!!! Lovely! There goes nap time!

We arrive at the hearing place and she's still sleeping, I go in and drop off my hearing aids and get told it'll be an we head over to Laura's work and as I pull in, I fully expect to sit and wait til Sam wakes, but she chose then to wake up! So off we went...but of course, she needs a diaper change! Whattakid!!! Just as we were finishing up Laura came out to see us! At which point DJ decided he HAS to pee, so off we go to her offices.

We finish up with her and head back out to the truck to eat lunch...I knew we'd be out later than I wanted to when we left as late as we did! Once everything was done but the sharing of the grapes, we headed back to the hearing place.

I go in to get them and they're done...and it's FREE!!!!!!!! They replaced the battery door on the left one and cleaned the wax out of both of them...that's why I couldn't hear out of the right one. I was hoping that was the case and not that it needed fixing. While I was there I asked about getting the kids' hearing tested. Samantha consistently drops her S's and changes them to H's or D's...and if a word starts with a T, she changes it to an F...Truck is Fruck...yet if the word ends in a T she has no problem!  I used to have problems with S's too....and I was a I wanted reassurance. The audiologist had just stepped out for a few minutes but when he returned he'd see us no problem. So we wait in the truck and before I know it, the secretary comes out to us to let us know he's back.

He typically deals with adults and is not equipped for pediatrics...BUT they had a pediatric audiologist coming this Saturday if I wanted to bring them in. Her speech is cause for concern he said, especially when coupled with my loss. Then he remembered he had a  tweeting bird in his office and snuck up behind her and made it tweet...its 3000 decibels loud, and she immediately turned to see what was going on! And going by the look on her face, he had no concerns after that! WHEW!!!!! For that matter, both of them heard it immediately, so in essence, they passed!!

When we left there it was about 2 and since I knew Sam wasn't going to nap for real, we hit up Albertsons when we got back into town...and this time I took Main St instead of hwy 2 just in case...but the lights were all working again. So we did our shopping and made a quick stop into the dollar store for paper towels....gotta clean for my mama!! lol That and we were completely out!

It was just about 3:30 or so when we made it home....and the temp on the truck read 80!!! YES!!!!!! Summer really did join us!!! So while the kids were playing outside in the dirt patch I sat on the back deck to supervise...they took turns coming to visit me! Samantha even brought me a wriggly worm...EW!!! Once Howie got home, the gears shifted and he got to work mowing the lawn and I got busy burning the last of the brush that had completely dried out. Well, 'cept for the cedar boughs....they kept it nice and damp for a family of slugs! ICK!! Those things just gross me right out!!! I burned a couple of them....they don't even move when it gets HOT!! Insane!! I even managed to stick my finger in one of them....blech! I called it quits at that point! Thankfully it was the tail end of it all and Howie took over...he had gloves on!

Dinner was left overs...gotta clean out the fridge at some point! Then I gave the kids a foot bath as they both went barefoot while playing even tho I asked them not to! They ARE my children!!! Once they were in bed I hopped in the shower to clean up from the smoke. Howie waited til I was done and we watched Wipeout together...laughed our butts off too! Then he went to bed and I watched 2 episodes of LOST....only one more on my DVR but its a 150 minute long one....might happen tomorrow nite! Sheesh, I can't believe I have only one left and I still am just as in the dark now as I was 5 years ago when I started watching it!! CRAZY!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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