Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still runnin around

Today the kids woke up at a decent hour....8! Hey, its better than 7:30...yes, I know its only a half hour difference, but just saying 8 sounds better! :) They were both snuggly too!! And fighting over which side to lay on was the best...apparently today it was the right side!!! DJ did his best to get Sam off the bed so he could claim it! Crazy kid!  Sadly, I remember doing this too....many, many moons ago....last year I think...LOL

As soon as breakfast was over I had nekkid kids again....they're silent undressers!!! Don't even ask anymore! So they got dressed....DJ didn't want to wear clothes, but rather, his swim suit again! Which of course, makes Sam want to wear hers. She lost that one...but DJ won his....and got his clean suit from the dryer! Which then made me get more done while I was down there...and fold the basket of the kids' clothes...and then get the dishes put away from yesterday....and work on yesterday's dishes in the didn't stop! And before I knew it Howie was pulling in the driveway...but's only NOON!!!!!!! Not 4:30!!!!! Talk about confusing!!! Turns out since he's working Sunday again, he got half of today off! Sweet!!! The kids and I didn't mind one bit!

Just after I put Sam down for her nap there was a knock on the door asking if our resident fish wanted to join our neighbours swimming....did he ever!!!! He sure had a blast out there...we were watching him just float/swim all over!! FUN! Makes me jealous I'm not a kid anymore! Swimming is always fun!!!

I had my monthly Avon meeting and took off for Everett around 5...had two stops to make before heading to the restaurant...and made it to the meeting in the nick of time too! Whew!! Wore my new shorts and one of my new tops...LOVE them!!!! Too bad I can't stay clean....LOL

The meeting was VERY informative...all about mark products....of which I don't know much! So it was a learning experience!! Then we played Bingo...wasn't a winner! Shucksdarnit!! I was SO close on one of my cards too...was waiting for 3 numbers just to make a bingo! GRRRRRR

I got home just before 9 and actually got to spend time chatting with Howie....then he headed to bed and I got to watch the B'ette....The Men Tell All...but really they don't tell much. Just rehash all that's gone on! And Chris dude!?!?! Spray tan much!?!?! At least he doesn't look like death warmed over! The fact that Justin didn't show up to participate is very telling!! Stupid idiot!!! Anybody in Canada read anything about him up there?? And Frank not being there was cowardly in my eyes....he's choosing to be at the After The Rose show next week....ahhh the drama!! LOL

Oh, I heard a question on my local radio station on my way home....see if you can guess the answer....

78% of the people polled would give up time with their family, tv, and showering for what??

I didn't get to hear the answer as I got home...but I emailed them and hope to hear something back...but give me  your best guesses!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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