Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a sadhappy day!!

This morning dawned rather early compared to the last few days where my kids were sleeping in til almost 9:30!! Today my mom woke DJ and I up at 8 am to get the day started! The sad part of our day was happening this morning...taking my mom and dad to the airport for their return flight home!

Took some doing to get Sam up and moving, she was sleeping so soundly!! DJ is an Up-And-At-'Em kind of he was downstairs bugging at Poppa before he even went pee!! Since mom and dad had already eaten I got the kids fed and dressed to go. The plan was to leave at 9 but I'd given us a 15 minute grace period...which worked wonderfully! We were loaded in the truck and backing out at exactly 9:15!!! Not too shabby!

The ride there was uneventful...and quick thanks to the carpool lane! We got there 58 minutes later and found a spot to do the drop off. Hugs all around and off they went into SeaTac to head home. :(  I hate when they leave! Altho, I will say, I do feel visited this time...and loved every day with them!

Once out of the airport loop, the kids and I headed back towards home...but stopped at costco to do the grocery shopping...and eat lunch! My dad left his spare change and it bought lunch for the 3 of us! Rather perfect too!

We got home about 1:30 and Sam went down before 2 for her nap...quite easily too! I asked her to go get in her bed and I'd be right behind her....she actually did just that!!! Awesome!!!

DJ was going to watch a movie with me but was too antsy and wanted to be he headed out to play with K...he really did miss his friend!! I laid my head down on the couch and had restless leg stuff going on....a nap would have been wonderful...didn't happen!

The happy part of the day....Howie is now officially and American!!! He got sworn in this afternoon a 2:30 with 37 other people from 24 different nations. This is a MAJOR hurdle we've cleared!! I've been  mum about what's going on immigration-wise, its just a lengthy process! Whew! This was big tho! So we'll be celebrating on Sunday with a little dessert get together. Tonite we grilled some steaks and had a great feast! Howie did originally want sketti, but when he saw the steaks I got from shopping he was sold! So the sauce went in the fridge for tomorrow nite....which really, any sketti sauce is ALWAYS better the next day!!

After dinner the kids were back outside playing....they'd been playing in the sprinkler next door before dinner and they both loved it!! Didn't matter how cold they felt, they had fun! So after dinner they just played together on the was cute to watch!

Once everyone was in bed, I got to just sit and veg watching tv...Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva and White Collar....lots of  tears (I'm emotional!) and tonnes of laughter! Now, I'm all caught up and ready for bed! Mom and Dad gave us some new books..gotta get cracking on the Dave Ramsay one!

I had a Canadian husband this morning...and an American one tonite....I guess he's an AmeriCanadian....?? lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Missy,

    Congratulations on Howie's citizenship!!! That is wonderful! :-) I can't imagine how long and drawn out the process has been. I can only feel the relief through this post. Awesome!

    Saying good-bye is so hard. Glad you had a good visit with your parents. I wish my mom visited, but she can't travel with a jillion dogs.

    I caught up on America's Got Talent last night, which, I don't even watch (or so thought). Apparently now I am a big fan! I had some tears when the two cystic fibrosis girls made it. I guess I'm a softie too!



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