Thursday, July 1, 2010

Almost 1 am ramblings

Today DJ and Samantha were the consummate children!!! They both got up by 8...and when they got really quiet by 8:15 or so, I went to check on them....oh, they were sitting SO nicely together in my chair watching Disney. Awwwww!! I snuck back to bed and waited for the onslaught of snuggles....which happened promptly at 8:29 when their show was over.

We had no plans for the day...other than washing SamSam's bed sheets AGAIN!! We're getting the next size up diapers for her...I've had enough of this daily washing crap! Here's hoping it works!!

Shortly after 11 the kids and I went for a short jaunt to the next street up...which is behind us...and we did some door knocking for Avon. Didn't get much out of it, but left a few's hoping! Out of the 3 people who were actually home, only one was rude and handed my book back to me and closed the door. Gotta expect that, but damn! So not nice!!

While Sam was napping DJ and I watched.....what else?? Toy Story!!! He almost switched it up and watched Cars, but at the last second changed his mind! He simply can't get enough of Woody and Buzz! I'll have the whole thing memorized before long!

After Sam got up I made the sauce for Sketti nite....everyone was excited for it tonite! About 4:30 we hopped in the truck and headed to town....the plan was to open a separate acct for Avon...but it didn't quite pan we headed home for dinner. After the kids were done eating, it was bath time for them! Sam first of course...and DJ usually hangs out outside the door asking "Is it my turn yet?" over and over and over! Then when it is his turn, he's incredulous! lol  Shortly after the cleanliness came sleepiness!!! They were both tired and didn't put up much fuss!

Howie went to bed almost as soon as they were tucked in!! Which left me to watch SYTYCD...WOW what a show tonite!!! My bottom 3 picks are: Billy, Jose, and Melinda....with Melinda going home, finally!  I love that the judges admitted that they made a mistake in keeping her! We'll see... Alex and Twitched danced their asses off!!! Oh, it almost made me want to learn hip hop!!!! lol  Really good!!! And Ashley is my fave girl!!

Now, I can hear my pillows calling me......g'nite

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. Izzy's surgery went very well!!! Hopefully she'll get to go home tomorrow, she's in a bit of pain, so we'll see!

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