Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally, an at home day!!!

This morning I wasn't thrilled that DJ AND Samantha were both up at 7:30!! Thought for sure they got the memo to sleep in a bit!!!  HA!  We did have some good snuggles tho! Lots of giggles, kisses and hugs! I like this routine! I remember snuggling in with my mom in the mornings too! Until I became a teenager and then she got vicious in her waking up routine! Just rip the curtains open!! UGH!! She actually did that to me too, the last day she was here! Geez!!!! Of course, if it had been my dad, he'd have BANGED on the door til you thought it was gonna break off the hinges!

I  morning was spent listening to the kids make a 'fort' on the back deck using the chairs and the picnic table and uploading my myriad of pix to Facebook. From the camera alone I had 342 since the Eric Church concert June I weeded thru them and deleted the blurry/off-center ones and still had a few. Of course, I know this isn't a other concert buds had 267 and 242 for two concerts!!! ACK!! While I love my camera, it's not sharp enough....or high def enough....something. Maybe its something I'm doing wrong, but when I'm too close in on a subject, its like I can see the pixel of each picture....kinda gravelly...hate that! Any tips??

This afternoon once Sam went down for her nap, DJ couldn't change fast enough into his swim suit!!! He sees those boys out there and just starts bouncing! And begging!! Off he went! I went to check the mail and headed to the neighbours back deck...and had myself a good ketchup visit with Lara! Been a while since I just sat and talked with her! It was 20 to 4 when I finally headed in as the boys were done swimming. And I needed to get the sauce on for sketti nite. I did call over and get permission to take my two swimming. Sam's been begging to go but since she's only ever been in a pool once, and that was last year, I wasn't going to let her go alone, which meant I had to go with her.

THAT WATER WAS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!! I did numb up after a while, but if I moved I could feel the cold again...poor Samantha was clinging to me for dear life!!!!! She wanted nothing to do with it! So we got out and sat in the "foot" pool at the bottom of the ladder....I'm sure we looked a sight, the 3 of us cramped in there...but that water was super warm!! Then I set up the sprinkler for the kids, but it was a cool 70someodd temp they passed and I just watered the lawn. We went in and did dinner. Howie was at his dad's place setting up a new bbq he he was home late...but just in time for bed!!!

Which DJ went to sleep right away.....Samantha after playing at her door came out to tell us something...but neither of us could figure out what she was saying. It sounded like her version of chocolate milk...but she said no...and kept pointing at the light in the front hallway...she climbed up in my lap and got comfy since we couldn't figure out what she was telling us. Ha...not for long! I had the brilliant idea to have her show me what she was saying...and I followed her downstairs (all the while she's repeating herself) to the treadmill (GOT it now!!!!!! yup, I heard it once I figured out what she was saying!) where her baby lay at the end of it. She picked it up, hugged it and headed back to bed willingly!! Whew!!! We had a good chuckle at that!

Tonite was SYTYCD....and Jose did NOT make the cut for me....and while I prefer Robert, I can see him going home over Billy...just going by the judges reactions. My final two prediction....Kent and Lauren....Kent was spectacular tonite and Lauren had her A game on!!! WOW!!!! Time will tell....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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