Sunday, August 1, 2010

She's found her voice

I think SamSam has lost a bit of her while she was out Avoning with me, she did awesome!!!! Very polite, and talked to whoever we were with! Darling!!!

Lunch was with my g/f Joanne and Sam was SO happy to be there...even let Joanne pick her up from hello and bring her inside! Then she migrated downstairs to where her hubby was, and she hung out down there with him getting into everything she probably shouldn't! They gave her a stuffed SeaWorld dolphin...which she's now sleeping with!

I also got to chance to catch up with my g/f Shirah  at my old stomping ground...Joann's Fabric store....oh it was SO nice to walk around the aisles!! We lost Shirah for a couple minutes and Samantha starting singing her name while calling out for was precious!!! It was also the perfect break in our day!!!

We then had two more stops and then home!!! Laura was home for a quick visit, at which point Sam was blowing kisses to her, but my next stop wasn't home, so we hit the highway and headed home ourselves.

Tonite we'd been invited to dine next, does one enter the back door, or the front door when living next door!??!! Neither! We just stayed on their back porch!!! Another family was invited (our mutual hair dresser) and with 8 kids running around it was fun!! We hardly saw our own kids....they just made themselves at home! Dinner was fabulous!! Ribs n beans!! And we brought over the last of our freezer crab...and some fudge! :)  It was close to 10 by the time we herded the kids home for bed! Sam was still dancing around while I was trying to get pj's on her!!  She'd only had one nap...and that was at 10:30 thanks to her getting up at 6:30!!! Silly girl!!

Speaking of sleep....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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