Monday, July 26, 2010

4 am is for the birds!!!!

I have decided that 4 am is the perfect time to be SLEEPING!!!!!! Not coming in from a concert....not waking up to go to work...but SLEEPING!!!! No one should ever have to see 4 am! UGH!! To be fair, I got in 3:45 but it was close to 4:30 by the time I crawled into bed after getting Howie's lunch ready for work today....poor guy had to do an extra shift today while being miserably sick!

He told me that Sam came up to him last nite (and she did it again this evening) while he was laying down on the couch and put her hand on his head and said "Daddy FEEver" oh so cute!!! Here's praying he gets better FAST!!! The kids seem to be doing better...still rather snotty but in good spirits!

This morning after DJ woke me up at 8:45 (NOT fair!) Sam came in shortly after that....we did breakfast and just hung out for a bit. I'd already cancelled a little dessert hour that I was planning for Howie to celebrate his newly minted status...but with him being so sick, there was no sense exposing everyone to whatever is lurking in our house. About 11 I decided to take the kids to the blueberry farm we were at with my mom and dad a couple weeks ago.

Sam can't pick berries...period! She doesn't care to listen to instruction....DJ on the other hand, actually did good picking ripe berries! But he bored with it soon enough! They went and played with the water dispensers that are set up for hand washing and drinking. At least it was just water!  I ended up picking 3 lbs of berries in an hour...not too shabby! We stopped at the shed on the way home (rather out of the way really) to see what was brought in yesterday...we arrived just as the book run was coming in...I scored! I got this book "Our Family Holiday Organizer Christmas is Coming" TOTALLY up my alley!!!! I shall be cracking it open November 1st like it says! :)  I also got Cold Mountain ...such a great read!!!

We came home and had lunch and while Sam was napping I tried to do the same....DJ made that impossible!! Oh he was buggy!! The kids are sick next door, so I couldn't very well send him out to play! I got a call at 4 about the run that was coming in, so I got up and got the kids ready to go...Howie picked them up on his way home from work, so that worked out perfectly! I then spent 2 hours sorting and unloading the run. Whew!!! Scored some good stuff too...our fridge looks full again! I got 4 pints of ontheirwayoutthedoor I made some triple berry jam tonite...raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. Should be good!!

When I got home we did dinner and then I bathed our stinky kids....and promptly sent them to bed! Howie wasn't too far behind them! That's when I discovered the load of laundry in the wash that was there since Friday....ick!!! I hate when I do that! I had no clue about it til I opened the door too! So, got that going and then made the jam.

I swear, I'm suffering from ADD from lack of sleep! Gonna go remedy that with some shut eye!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S....tomorrow is another concert nite for I'll do a day post and then the concert post the next day...I don't want to stay up later than I should again....I literally feel hung over even tho not one drop of alcohol passed these lips!   O_o

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