Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Way to kill my concert buzz Officer!!!

This morning's first thought was dedicated to Blake Shelton....All About Tonight  is his new single coming out on his new cd next month. And since I was to be seeing him tonite, that song was most perfect!!!

The morning was our usual routine...eat breakfast (sllooooowwwllllyyyyy) and then the kids run around nekkid for an hour...all the while I'm begging them to get dressed! DJ needs fresh air on his body...or so he tells me! Then he wanted to wear his swim suit instead of clothes....but I said no. Should have just let him cuz literally 5 minutes after getting dressed the kids next door were in the pool! Off he went! Let me paint you a little picture...last year, this time (a couple weeks earlier actually) we were in a hotel in Banff, AB...and my mom and I took the kids swimming...neither of them had ever been in a pool before....or since then!! But today, my little boy grew gills!!! He jumped right in with no qualms!! Of course it helped that his friends were in the water....even at 4 peer pressure is there! lol

Since I had the concert to attend, the plan was to shower while Sam was napping...and then wait ever so (NOT) patiently for Howie to come home from work....he surprised me and walked in the door at 2!!!! So I quickly showered and got ready and left by 3! The concert was at Tulalip Casino and right next door is the outlet mall...and it has a Lane Bryant and I have (had, now) a 50.00 gift card for doing online surveys. I've had it since January! So I've been waiting a LONG time to use it! I got there at 4 and went to town!!! Got a pair of capris, pair of board shorts, and 3 tops for 67.00...so in essence, 17.00!! Not too shabby if I say so myself!!

Once done my shopping dash I headed over to the restaurant I was meeting my twitter friends at. Had a great dinner and then headed over to the amphitheater where Blake Shelton was to play. Since I was the only one of the 5 of us who DIDN'T get in on the meet n greet, I stood there waiting...begging...pleading...and getting no where!
I watched all 5 of them get pictures and hugs from the tall one....and I got nuttin!!! So bummed!!!

In the end, it worked out well!! Our seats were even better than we thought they would be....2nd row!!! Now, it says on the ticket, section B, row 2, seat 2....so we all assumed we were in the second section...NOPE! We were right there in front!!!! And after the 2nd song, I was right up at the stage!!!!!!! INSANE!!!!!!!! 

Do you remember when I posted this about my last time seeing Blake....10 months and 26 days ago??? Well, we had another moment!!! I must make good signs. Altho, I'll be honest, I'm a bit shy about sharing what I put on this sign as my mom reads my blog....but then again, she follows me on twitter and I've already bragged there about it...ok, mom, if you haven't seen the tweets, skip to the next paragraph! Anyways, if you follow Blake on twitter, you know how much of a redneck he is and how he's a hunter....he also LOVES to make fun of PETA, the organization....and started a trending topic....so in honour of that, my sign read  "I killed a zebra to make my bra" and I was wearing the zebra print bra I got thru Avon. It was perfect!!!!! He pointed at me...smiled and then laughed!! His guitarist later read it and said "That's not true!!" lol Quite comical!! And then, to make it even more wonderful...he retweeted my sign saying!!!! Over the moon!!!!

After the concert was an after party in the Canoes Cabaret where the opening act, Chance McKinney & Crosswire played for a large crowd! Large for a Monday nite anyway!! I stayed for about an hour and a half before deciding to head home. It was apparent that Blake wasn't making an appearance...but that would have been awesome!!!

On my way home I'll admit, I was speeding a wee bit...and somebody flashed their lights in warning to me...so I slowed down, using my brakes of course, and passed a state trooper...who then pulled in behind me and within a minute was flashing his lights at me!!! Even tho I KNEW I wasn't doing anything wrong, I still got that horrid panicky feeling that just tightens the heart a bit! Where ya can't breathe!!!! UGH! Hate that feeling! Turns out we have a burnt out light in the back brakes....so I got a warning! WHEW!!!! I tell ya, that could have been SO much worse!!!! Thank God someone warned me! It did kill some of my buzz tho...I couldn't put the radio back on after that...just drove in silence!

Now, its time for this One Hot Mama to hit the hay!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. All I can say is......wow, wow, wow, wow!! What a fabulous night you had!!!
    This post made me realize how big of a Blake Shelton fan you are. My home town hero!! You know a girl I graduated with is the accountant for Toby Keith. Growing up an Okie has perks. :-)

    Your sign was hilarious!!


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