Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yup, that was me!

My computer is being I guess I'm thumbing it tonite...which means the short version of our day...sorry!

DJ seems to be back in his "wake up at 7:16am" habit again! Only there's no persuading him to snooze....I fear he'll never need a snooze button! SamSam seems to be copying him too! Makes the weekends all that much more special for me!!!

Today was an Avon order day, so I was quite busy gathering the last of my orders to input! Made it too, with 11 minutes to spare! WHEW!!!! I love all my customers!!! And enjoy going to see them whenever they order! Its fun for me!!!

Just before I hit submit on my order DJ slammed his right thumb in the sliding door trying to get away from Sam....sadly, the joke was on him! It was INSTANTLY red under the nail and I'd say 7/8's of it was caught! It was a doozy!!!! He wanted ice for it right away, as that's what we do whenever he catches Sam's fingers in the door...never this bad tho!! This will now be known as The Summer DJ Lost His Thumbnail. Poor kid!! So I get him some ice water in the cup they've been playing with outside...and he won't stick it in there cuz it I offer to stick MY thumb in there and just count to 10...then we could take them out and have a break. We got to 2! He's such a suck!!! And he won't let me see it....he's paranoid I'm going to hurt him more than already is. I leave him be.

He becomes this whiny mess of a boy....he wrapped his hand up in his shirt and held it up by his shoulder for about 2 hours...would NOT let me see it or touch it! While I was making lunch I asked him if he wanted some medicine to help with the pain...he said yes, he wanted Daddy's medicine! I grab one Advil for him and give him some juice....he puts it in his mouth and drinks the juice....he didn't swallow the pill....and the coating is all off it now...and its a YUCKY taste!!! So he spits it out in the garbage (I'm laughing at this point) and goes on and on about how it tastes! What a kid!

While Sam was napping DJ and I laid on the couch....didn't take him long before the trauma of the day caught up to him and he fell asleep. I let him sleep for about an hour and woke him up. I didn't want him to be a bear for Howie tonite.

Once they were both up, I grabbed a quick shower as I had an Avon meeting tonite. Howie got home and I took off a half hour or so later. DJ was very excited for him to be home, as he somehow thought that Daddy would make the thumb all better...yet, he wouldn't even let Howie see it! He was worried about it needing to be drilled to relieve the pressure....uh, that would take a straight jacket to keep him still for that!!! And some really good knock-him-out drugs! Thankfully, Howie said it wasn't that bad. Whew!

At 5 I took off for Everett...but stopped at Safeway on the Highway to restock my slot for catalogues in the lobby. The 40 I put there 3 weeks ago were all gone! Now, either I have a vicious competitor that doesn't want me to succeed or all those books were taken by potential customers....hmmmm not one phone call yet. I'll be monitoring it that much closer, that's for sure! OHHHHHHHHH while I was driving down the mountain, I had the extreme pleasure of being trapped in a moving vehicle with a flying thing that stings!!! If you saw me driving erratically down Old Owen, slapping myself in the face...not to worry, I missed the damn bug and it flew out the window I'd opened for it! Sheesh!!! I'm beginning to think Howie's car doesn't like me!!!

I got home about 9:30 and tucked Howie in bed and got busy marking up the new box of catalogues my upline gave me for my slot. There were 60 books....took me a while! Now, I'm more than ready for bed...the computer let me it went quicker!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. my friend Wyndi's daughter, and DJ's good friend, Izzy is going in tomorrow for surgery on her pace maker...they're replacing the battery as it drained rather quickly since her last appt. If you could send up a prayer for them, I'd appreciate it!

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