Friday, May 28, 2010

So, You Think YOU Can Dance?

a.k.a SYTYCD from here on out

Notice they don't ask the question in their title. Its So You Think You Can Dance. That's it. Like in casual conversation, so you think you can dance....should have an eh? at the end of it!!! If they do a Canadian version, they REALLY should add that!!! lol

Today was not wet when we woke up....well, the sky wasn't wet...the ground still was! Oh it's a muddy mess out there! We kept hoping for sunshine, but alas, there was to be none! And none in the forecast for a while!! If you could see our calendar for the month of June, we're booked solid!!!! Lots to do! Lots to see! Rain is not one of those invited!!!

I got my workout in before lunch again...I think I've finally found my "time" to work out! Provided we're not out somewhere doing something. The kids enjoy working downstairs and trying to talk to me while I have my ear buds in and music blasting. I've got to re-work my iPod a bit. There's far too many slow songs on there...I need songs that are going to pace me better while walking. I'm finding hip-hop is good...blah! I'm truly a country girl!

Today also marked the beginning of my gleaning career! I joined the Tri-Valley gleaners and should be able to cut down on our grocery bill starting soon!! This group goes around various grocery places and gleans their leftovers that they would toss but are still good to eat...and its then brought to the "shed" for distribution. Today I got breads, bagels, peaches, cherries, tomatoes, and a danish ring. Oh there's SO many baked goods!! I only chose the one thing so that's good! I'll make Howie eat most of it! lol I'm excited to be a part of this! And once the farmers start harvesting we'll have TONNES (literally) of fresh veggies I won't have to buy. Love it!

This next part is for most loyal reader...and fellow AI her!
I did finally watch Tuesday's AI where they sang....I'm not sure either of them deserved to win based on that nite only. The acoustics were TERRIBLE!!! You could barely hear them!!! BUT Lee did worlds better!! Sounded more solid in his performance. She screeches and sings in this flat note/key that just drives me bananas! And still, to this day, reminds me of a street performer begging for money. Either way, they'll both do very well!! I think the all time most deserved winner is Carrie Underwood...and that girl has MADE it!! She's the female Garth Brooks in my opinion! Truly talented!!

Now, I'm off to bed. Nothing on tv worth watching...other than SYTYCD try-outs...which kind of bore I watched more Biggest Loser that I missed out on because of AI and then re-watched some of Glee because it's just freakin awesome!!! Just might turn me in a partial gag gag fan after all....

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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