Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me vs The Spider

And let me tell wasn't really a fair fight!!

The final score was Spider 5, Me 0, zip, zilch, nada, nuttin!

I got bit FIVE bloody times by the same stinkin spider!!!! FIVE!!!

The first one was just under my chin, then the second was was the back of my neck, right where the necklace I thought I'd gotten "caught" up in the chain of my necklace...until I felt a welt there a minute later and it was ITCHY!!!!!! (I'm itching now just typing this out!) and the one under my chin was burning.

Did I forget to mention that this is all going on WHILE I'M DRIVING!!!!!! Seriously!! THE most possible worst time ever!!!

So I start freaking out thinking there's a bee in the truck with me...but after talking to Howie he assured me it wasn't a bee but more likely a spider. Which got me even more freaked out...since I hadn't seen it to kill it!

This is where bites 3-5 happen!

The stupid thing is IN MY SHIRT!!!!! I was literally ready to strip to my bra while driving just to get this thing off me! It bit me on my right shoulder blade...then just above my bra strap in the arm pit area....and the final bite before its timely death was under the bra strap above the waist! That's when I finally wrangled it OUT of my shirt and off my body and killed it with my cell phone! Thankfully I was sitting a light when all this went down!

Seriously....I'm still itching!!! But just out of recanting the story and not from the bites. FIVE bites in less than 5 minutes!!! Ok, 15 minutes...but c'mon!!!! Who else does this happen to!??! Insane!!!!

Its very weird to be so totally and painfully aware of 5 separate bites and have them all burning and itching at the same time! Meanwhile, all I can think of is the calamine lotion in the drawer of the kids bathroom and some stupid email hoax thing about spider bites and the person dying. You know the one I'm talking about! *shudder* No worries, I'm okay...I think!

Yeah, that was my drive to the Night of the Arts at Glacier Peak High School in Snohomish this evening. My unit leader in Avon set this up for me to get potential we set up a table and had a drawing for a basket of goodies. I got 24 names from the drawing and the winner was a guy (and first person to enter the drawing) that I cajoled into filling out a ballot to win it for his girlfriend. Ironic!

It was an okay nite. Now, I'm used to do these kinds of things what with my parents having their own business and setting up shop just about anywhere. This was okay, but the entertainment was seriously lacking! Ugh! Thankfully I have this wonderful ability to tune out just about anything...but it sure was difficult to talk to people with that racket happening in the background. There were two horrible bands, two great choirs, and several other talented musicians....and then there was the debate team. 6 of them. They each gave a 10 minute speech on something....I have no clue as this is where that talent comes into play! The acoustics in the cafeteria were horrible, and if I can't see the person's mouth, well, it's a wash for me!

I got home just before 9:30 and sat down to see the winner of DWTS...well to be honest, we watched up to the final two....I was SHOCKED to see it come down to Evan and Nicole...and then knew full well that Nicole was taking it home. I then flipped to the last 3 minutes of Biggest Loser to see who won that one...and of course it was Michael! I mean, come on, he started at 526 lbs! If he didn't lose the 264 lbs that he did, I'd just consider him a loser! They all looked SO amazing tho!!

Then it was Glee time! I'm so glad for dvr!! And tonite's episode was no disappointment!! Truly phenomenal! The way they all sing is just amazing!! And what other show do you know of that would have Lady gag gag and KISS in the same hour?? AWESOME!! I haven't deleted this one yet....I may have to go back and revisit it a few more times!

Now, tho, I'm ready for bed. Miss B literally gave me a heart attack this morning when she barked me out of sound sleep at 6 am! DJ came into our room and she barked twice. If ever I was to imagine how it would feel to get jolted with a defibrillator...this was it! Sleeping on my back and all of a sudden the jolt hit....I may have levitated a bit! Then around 7:30 Samantha kicked the wall and she barked me awake again! I swear!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. No AI???? I have been breathlessly waiting for your comments, woman!! Watch it NOW & post it on yr wall or something. sheesh, It took all I had not to post anything on my wall last night.


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