Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunshine makes me happy

But not nearly as happy as DJ!!!! Today he set a new record!!! He was outside playing by 9:20 this morning!! Unreal!! He was out there before Howie left for work! Shoot, before Howie even ate his breakfast!!!! Whatta kid!!

Samantha and I waited patiently for the Avon delivery truck!! A lot was riding on the timing! If he came early enough, I could do a couple deliveries in the morning AND get the grocery shopping well under way! If he came too late in the morning, then I'd have to wait all day until after Sam's nap. Thankfully he was here by 10:30 and I Sam and I were out the door by 11:30! DJ chose to stay and play...which worked well for everyone!

Sam and I got home about quarter to 2 and had lunch right away! It still wasn't til 2:30 that she went down for her which point I debated taking one, or working in the quiet of the house. Work won! I got all my Avon stuff organized, stamped and sorted! Ready to go for tomorrow! I had to go in and wake her around 4:30...the one sure fire way to wake her up...tell her we're going outside!! She shot up out of bed and into my arms lightning fast!

My plan was to take Bailey for a walk with Sam...but she'd been having a bad day! Or rather, I was having a bad Bailey day! I couldn't get her outside fast enough and she only peed outside for me once!! The rest was in the the landing, on the thresh-hold of the door, on the stairs...everywhere but outside! grrrrrrr And not once did she poop outside for me either! All 4 times were downstairs! Blech! Howie's already said he's steam cleaning down there next week!

While all the kids were playing I was chatting with Lara on her back deck...she's the one with the view...of the kids that is! Otherwise we'd be up on my deck where the sun is! As we're chatting, Samantha had the brilliant idea to open the front door...and who should come out? Bailey!! Yikes!!! There was a lot of barking, crying and yelling all at once! Barking by Bailey and Max (next door's dog) with Snicker chiming in, the kids yelling at Bailey to go back in, and Samantha crying as she got knocked down! Thankfully Bailey was too shy to do much of anything but run up and down the stairs I chased her back inside, shut the door and tended to Sam's ego. It was then I noticed the we cleaned up and headed inside for dinner and a bath!

The bath, was much needed for both of them!! DJ more than anything with that full day of play showing on his feet!! We, yet again, had that chat about him KEEPING his shoes ON! I'm afraid his feet will be black til fall rolls around! I scrubbed to no avail tonite! Just as we were finishing up and fixing to go read books, Howie pulled into the driveway! So he took over the book reading for DJ and I read to SamSam. Both kids were more than willing to go to bed easily! Samantha gave me a flashback to 3 months ago when I'd tell her to lay down and she did....right away! No fuss. No nothing! I put the blanket on her and said good nite....never heard another peep from her!! DJ was still awake when I went to say good nite...which was surprising considering he fell asleep while I was making dinner. AND he almost chose bed over dinner!!! He was whupped! Tonite he found his Nascar sleeping bag and wanted to sleep in it....strange! But hey, if he stays covered, then we're golden!

Howie and I watched last week's Friday Night Lights since we were too busy to watch it last week...but he was too tired to watch tonite's episode and went to bed after. Now, it's my turn to hit the hay!!! The animals are all snoozing I'm gonna go crawl into bed, read for a bit and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I'm reading Eleven On Top by Janet Evanovich. Its the 11th book in a series that currently goes to 15...I'm that behind!!! Or at least I think I am...I can't remember the last book I read in the series, and after only one chapter, I can't tell if I've read it or not. If I have and it all comes back to me, then I've got a back up book I borrowed from next door by Dave Ramsey. Either way, I'm set for a while book wise!! The Trace Adkins bio was a really good read! I enjoyed getting to know him better...even if I didn't get to have lunch with him this past Monday!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I LOVE the Janet Evanovich books! The last one I read (I think it was the latest one 15) was SO FUNNY.

    As usual, reading about your day is exhausting and fun! LOL.


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