Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Habs are still in it!!!

Who knew today that the Montreal Canadiens would still be in line for the Stanley Cup!?!?!? Ok, lots of Habs fans believed they would be....and they are now!! The last team from Canada still in the playoffs. Please God, make this hockey season OVER!!!!!!

This morning after breakfast the kids got dressed and we headed out to a new-to-us park here in Monroe. One of the moms in the Mommy & Me group set up a playdate for today at a park near her to play with bubbles and plant some seeds in pots. We headed out a bit late but with it being a park it didn't matter. I did however get a wee bit lost trying to find it...the address in the meet up info was for the gal's house...I realized that after I got turned around a bit. But we did find the park and as soon as I let the monsters free from their car seats they were off running towards the creative. A real one this time!! Suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers. I think there was 6 or 7 of us moms and quite a gaggle of kids! Bubbles were first as they were out and ready to go for the kids. Homemade ones at that!! She even had a homemade big bubble maker...something I'll have to try one day. A piece of string and two straws....pretty simple! The kids had fun!!

They ran around and played while we tidied up the one and only table in the whole acre and a half park, and got ready for planting seeds. I think DJ's really getting a kick out of this what with the garden and seeing the green sprouts shooting up. The kids got to decorate their pot with foam stickers first which of course is fun!! And both of them planted flowers...Poppies to be exact. After planting came more playing and running around.

And then SamSam came up to me and was NOT a smell for sore noses!!!! So we took off for home to change that diaper and get into lunch. DJ of course wasn't interested in lunch when we got home....he wanted to play with K next door! Sam and I were hungry tho! So while making ours I got his 2/3's done. As I was finishing up my lunch DJ came up the back stairs and asked for his outside. He loves eating outside!!! Of course, I let him. He also had company for a bit...K found him and hung around waiting for DJ to finish. They're cute together! Once DJ was done he took off after delivering his plate back to me.

While Sam was down for her nap I laid on the couch trying to warm up under a blanket. Sleep would not come to me...grrrrrrrrrrrr!! DJ did tho. I guess K went somewhere and that meant DJ had to come he snuggled with me on the couch under the blanket and we watched Phineas and Ferb...dumbest show on earth!!! Ok, after 30 seconds of watching it, I closed my eyes! Sleep still wouldn't find me! At 3 I got up to start thinking about dinner, deal with the dishes, get some laundry going, clean the litter box (revelation: if we fed cats better smelling food, would their crap smell better??) and get a workout in. Most of this happened once Howie got home. He watched hockey and I was downstairs walking while the kids were cleaning up. 'Bout time too...I couldn't see the floor down there! Tomorrow's goal: bring the vacuum down there!

After dinner I grabbed a shower and came out to pajama'ed kids! Perfect!! Brushed their teeth and put them to bed! Sam is still fighting bed time...but not nap odd! At least her fight is down to less than 5 minutes! Since I already knew the results of Idol thanks to twitter, Howie didn't stay up and went to bed early. Now, its my turn!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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