Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Karma Squeakers

Have you heard of these?? I hadn't til last nite when I was at the Night of the Arts at Glacier Peak....they were the table kitty corner from me. It took me a while to figure out exactly what they were selling...I mean, I could SEE the shoes on the table...but at first glance thought they were another Robeez style shoe.

Turns out I was WRONG!!!! So very, very wrong!!!

They're shoes alright...but they're squeakers!

The shoes themselves squeak! Literally!! With every step your toddler takes the shoes squeak!

By the end of the nite I knew I had to get a pair for a certain 2 year old girl...I picked out a brown and pink sandal for her. We've got lots of pink and lots of brown in her wardrobe and they're just a darling addition!

I didn't get to see her last nite as she was in bed when I got home, but I showed them to Howie who responded with a "great, noisy shoes" comment and I pointed out that they're not everyday shoes...they're special shoes. It's a VERY good way to keep track of your kid when you're out and about! Just listen for the squeak!

So, today after lunch I put them on her feet and the smile was as bright as the sun that was no where to be found on this rainy day. Then I set her down and she started walking. It took her a couple steps to realize SHE was the one squeaking! Then she started dancing around on them! And giggling the whole time!

DJ piped up then and said he wished he had a pair of squeak shoes...boy am I glad they didn't come in his size!! Whew!

Samantha started making laps around the kitchen/living room wall and enjoyed all her squeakiness! Such fun!!!

Of course, she didn't fully understand the concept of "special" when I took them off LOTS of screaming and crying ensued....perfect lead in to nap time!!

If you want to get a pair of these "Unique Shoes that Squeak" head on over to and get your toddler a pair!!! A portion of all money generated by Good Karma Squeakers will be donated to the Half the Sky Foundation. Half the Sky is a non-profit organization that provides support for orphaned children in China.

You can also find them on Facebook by typing in Good Karma Squeakers in the Search box...and they're on twitter at GoodKarmaSqueak.

I have not been compensated for this review...just a product I wanted to share with you!!!
Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. adorable!!!!!!!!! I want a pair. for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


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