Monday, May 10, 2010

I am TRULY Blessed!

This day could NOT have gotten any better than it was!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!! Especially to my mom!! An amazing example of what I'm trying to be with my own children!

I went to bed last nite knowing I was getting to sleep in...yet, somehow DJ found a way to sneak in and wish me a Happy Mother's Day and kiss me. Samantha wasn't too far behind and Daddy soon after that! He chased them out and I was able to doze again! Pure luxury!!!! It was after 10 by the time I got up and got dressed!!!

I came out to more Happy Mother's Day greetings from the kids! Walked into the kitchen and found Howie making me breakfast (he joked it was lunch now since I'd slept so long!) of scrambled eggs and toast and hash browns. YUM!!!!!! In all our 8+ years together, he's NEVER made me breakfast like this!!! I kid you not!!! He's a fantastic lunch maker, and a delicious bbq'er...but he doesn't typically eat breakfast, so for him to make it for me...amazing!!!

After breakfast Howie took the kids downstairs to get my gifts...DJ had already blabbed about there being a shovel...but I assumed it was a big one as I've been using Howie' wasn't! It was this STURDY stainless steel hand held one for digging up my garden!! And a cultivator to go with it! DJ picked it out colour and all!! And then SamSam handed me her gift...a pair of garden gloves in blue with lots of polka dots on them. SOOOOOO awesome!!!! I'd been using Howie's extra pair, much to his chagrin, and the thumb had a hole in it, and they were too big for this was truly perfect!!

The rest of my gifts were done yesterday. Howie put up a rabbit fence for my garden since I now have teeny tiny green things growing. He also got me two hanging planters of gorgeous matching flowers and hung them on new hooks that he put up in front of the house, on the entrance up the stairs. AND he washed my truck and vacuumed it CLEAN!!!!! They even found a pair of DJ's socks!

I could not have asked for a better Mother's Day! EVER!!!! All day DJ kept saying "Happy Mother's Day Mummy" and giving me hugs....just awesome!! He was very excited to do all this for me! and let it be a special day for me...I love that!

We stayed close to home throughout the day...working on outside stuff while I worked inside. The kids enjoyed being outside with Howie while he cut the grass and washed his car up. Dinner was fabulous pork chops on the barbie with corn on the cob....seriously GOOD corn on the cob!! Usually this time of year its chewy...but this was such tender corn!!! Fabulous!!!

Once the kids were in bed, it was our turn to veg out...I watched tv while Howie was online doing stuff. Neither of us could shower as he thinks we have a septic of the alarms went off, so tomorrow after work he'll check on it. He thinks it might be the UV we'll see. I sure hope so or I'll be knocking on the door next door....I positively MUST shower tomorrow or I'll rot away!!

Now, I'm ready for bed and a bit of reading. Gotta finish up the Trace Adkins book as I've got another one waiting at the library for me! A Janet Evanovich one!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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