Saturday, May 29, 2010

I pity the fool

Who has to work with Jillian Michaels!! Ok, really, I envy those on Biggest Loser...but what they don't show is how relentless she is!! Her workouts HURT!!!! I have a new found respect for anyone who has to square off with her in a gym!

Today, instead of doing a treadmill workout I checked out what was On Demand with my cable service. I knew they had some yoga programs, so surely they had to have workouts. I did one this morning that was a belly dancing work out. Geez my hips hurt!!! I have a couple g/f's who take classes and have warned me it was a I know!!! And I'll say belly can't dance!!!! Not the way she was wanting my hips to move!! Oh no! Not happening!

Note to self: don't work out with the kids around....they get in the way! Or they deliberately disobey you while you're trying to wiggle your hips!

Once Sam was down for her nap I debated taking one myself...turns out DJ stole my idea and fell asleep watching Ratatatatatatatatouile (his version) so, while he was out cold, I checked to see if there was another work out I could do...which is how I found Jillian's workout. Its part of her Shred 30 program....and it was a half hour, so I started it and WOW! She never stopped!!! Within the first few minutes I was huffin and puffin!! Damn! I also counted...throughout the whole workout, I think I did 120 jumping jacks....that's INSANE!!! Thankfully they weren't all in a row, but still 30 at a time is almost killer!! My entire lower body aches today! I can only imagine how I'll feel tomorrow morning! I think I may put the Advil bottle on my night table!

Tonite we had SamSam's 2 year pix taken...I'm a little behind...but she IS still 2!! I bathed the kids this morning knowing we had our appointment for 5 pm. Before her nap I got her 2 outfits ready and when she got up we did a quick change and hopped in the truck to head to Target. I let her wear her squeakers and every single person we walked by turned their head to check her out. It was hard to keep a straight face! She LOVES these shoes!! She was also a little bugger when it came to the camera....she clams right up!! Instead of being a ham, she's a clam! I have all the pix online thru Target's website, but can't upload them to here...gotta work on that tomorrow.

While I was picking out what pictures I wanted my children were running rampant in the less populated area of the store. *sigh* And then DJ tried climbing a display...can you guess what happened next?? *sigh* Why, yes, the rack did come off the shelf...sending trial sizes of shampoo, shaving cream, deodorants and whatever else you might need to travel with, FLYING!!! UGH!!! He just looked at me and said "oops!" Like that would fix it all!!! Someone tried putting the display back together and then I made DJ help pick it all up since he made the mess. Sam also helped even tho she had nothing to do with it...she felt bad for DJ.
Yeah....those are my kids!!! Unbelievable!! Of course, what does it say about me that I have to grab my phone to take pix of this momentous occasion while trying not to laugh?? lol

Once out of there we headed home after the kids consumed some nasty looking hot dogs...won't be eating there again! The traffic on Hwy 2 was NUTZ!!!!! Unreal!!! I should have taken one of the side roads earlier than I did as I spent a half hour in stop and go (more stop than go) traffic as everyone is trying to get out of Dodge for Memorial Day weekend and they have to go thru Monroe to do it. Luckily I was able to warn Howie before he got caught up in it all too.

Now, the granola is cooled, the caramel corn is done, and I finally watched some Lost tonite....all the while debating on whether I *really* need to see the season...I know I will, but its kind of lost on me now (pun intended) as I missed most of last year. What I'd really like is for some nerd/geek out there somewhere who has nothing better to do....go thru ALL the episodes and put it on chronological order...the flashbacks are crazy!!! I think if it all was in order it would make a little more sense. I also don't get how Locke is still alive and walking past his body.....craziness!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I had such a chuckle about DJ's name for his favourite movie. hehehe. My granddaughter had a favourite too: The Hunchback of Motor Dawn. LOL memories for a lifetime


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