Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Pain, No Gain

Is what I got told by a g/f of mine today when I whined on facebook about how much my body aches after yesterday's session with Jillian.

I can not begin to describe how much pain I'm in today!!!


I mean, I've been doing the treadmill work outs for 2 months now....but damn! 30 minutes with her and I'm crying with every move I make!! Literally! Ok, not literally, but there were a few times today when DJ jumped on me that I wanted to cry! Believe you me! Its mostly my thighs that hurt the hips once a in abs when I try to take a deep breath or sigh or cough...and my pecs when I pick something heavy up. So, below the knees I'm fine and above the shoulders I'm fine....youch!!

This morning Howie went to get Jake for the weekend (his clutch went yesterday) and I took the little ones to Lowes for their Build and Grow clinic. Today was making a race car! As soon as we pulled into the parking lot DJ was instantly reminded of the flower box we made the last time he was there. This pleased me that he remembers these things. Thankfully I'm not the only mom who's there...but it's mostly dads and their kids doing these things. Today we actually ran into a mom from the Mommy & Me group...she and her dad were there with her son. He's not quite 2, so, not sure if he remembers us or not. They were just finishing up when we were getting started.

Once the kids were done I had the genius idea to ask the gal running today's event if we could have 8 more of the kits for DJ's birthday party next week....she didn't have 8 left, but went and got me 8 of the flower boxes from the last one!! Sweet!!! I'm actually excited for this!!! I guess I'll have to pick up some flower seeds to complete the deal.

On our way home I tried to find this place that was doing Alpaca shearing today....yeah, no can do! The address wasn't right somehow and I no longer have the ad I clipped from the paper. So we came home instead and had lunch with the boys. When Sam went down for her nap the rain got to me and I laid down too. This was about 2:20 or thing I know its 4:47!!!! That's just crazy!!! I get up and come out to the living room...Jake's sleeping on the couch, DJ's sleeping in my chair, and Sam's not up yet!!!! O M Word!!!! This not the recipe for a good bed time!!! I immediately got Sam up and then worked on DJ. Crazy!!

After dinner the two little ones were wound up!!! Around 7:45 I'd had enough and took them out for a walk. I was tired of listening to the yelling. As we passed our neighbours, who were outside, we asked K to join us and off we went! Exploring! We went up driveways to see where they went...found the water tower....LOTS of puddles....and SamSam picked many, many Buttercups! Even slipped into one of the ditches reaching for one. Boy, that was cold water!!!

We were gone about an hour and when we got back they were put in their jammies right on the stairs....their pants were soaked up to the knees!!! They had fun tho!!! It did help with bed time...which was an hour and a half later than normal!!

While we were in town today I grabbed a movie for tonite....the Gamer....while it wouldn't be my first choice of movie, I will say this: It was thought provoking!! In the "what if" kind of way. I'm not a gamer by any means, but if it got out of control, this is what it could be like! I also have to add that I dislike "dark" movies...why does everything have to be in shadows and dim rooms? I don't live that way! And I find it takes away from the quality of the movie....not add mystery. That could just be me tho...

Now, I'm wide awake....Jake's watching tv on the couch and everyone else is sleeping the night away...I think I'll go read for a bit! Got a new light bulb for my Goodwill lamp I bought last week. Wanna hear something funny? I paid 3.99 for it and the bulb was burnt while at Lowes today I get a new bulb and it comes to 5.41....I could have bought a brand new lamp cheaper!!! *shakes head*

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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