Saturday, May 8, 2010

Whoa Nellie!

Today was jam packed!!! The morning was spent in anticipation of the Avon delivery guy! Man they were heavy boxes!! Love it! Then it took me over 2 hours to get it all sorted, billed, and put neatly in a box for delivery. Usually I have it billed already, but I was out of invoices til today's shipment. And I like them legible...just me!

It was almost 1:30 when I realized it was lunch time I was that absorbed! Granted I got a couple phone calls that pulled me away from what I was mom finally joined Skype, so we were able to chat for a bit before getting cut off, so she just called me back normally and we chatted. She's all in "clean" mode for my dad's party next weekend...he turns the big one...75!!!! Which if you look at his mom, is young!! He's still got 25 years to go...Lord help us all!

While Sam was down for her nap I got some samples of shampoo ready, stamped all my new books, did the dishes and started some laundry. DJ was begging for K to be home...I saw the van and sent him out, but they were gone as quickly as they arrived. Poor DJ! Absolutely gorgeous day too!

I had a delivery to make at 4 and then my g/f to pick up at 5 and then another delivery for well as costco shopping. My 4 became 4:40 and I made it 2 minutes before Shirah arrived at the bus stop...and my 5:30 stayed 5:30!! Even tho I had 7 items, we still didn't get out of there til just about 7! Of course, much to DJ's delight we had dinner there...samples AND pizza!!

It was almost 8 by the time we got home and as we were unloading the truck Howie came home! So he helped with the bustle of bed time and putting food away. DJ crashed quickly but Samantha had other ideas! She pushed the limit to 9 pm! Late for her! She didn't cry much tho! Oh, I turned her bed 180 degrees...the side that is supposed to go up and down, only stays I turned it to help her get into it better...she's still afraid to come out on her own. It dawned on me today that DJ was about this age at my mom and dad's climbing in and out of the playpen he was sleeping in...that's when he got the toddler bed. So, soon she'll have the railing off completely and have a side rail put on...sad, she refuses to stay my baby!

Once they were both sleeping Shirah and I dove into our 6 pack of Mike's! Something I haven't done since last July!! It was fun! Now, I'm heading to bed...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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