Sunday, May 2, 2010

Starting 'Em Early

My kids already have daily chores they do in order to get check marks on the board...DJ fully understands the concept...and SamSam is still a willing it works! Today we added one more thing they could get a check mark for...vacuuming!!

Remember how SamSam got the toy vacuum that actually works for Christmas...she still uses it and so does DJ...mostly when I'm vacuuming. Today was a clean-ALL-rooms kind of day. The rain was forcing us to stay in again! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and we're headed to MountlakeTerrace, so we had to do our work today. I even got a bunch of papers sorted thru...THAT feels good!!!

I digress...DJ got the vacuum out and was waiting for me to plug it in...and it dawned on me...why not LET him actually vacuum!!!! So we went down to his room and I let him loose! Sam went to town on her own room with her vacuum! It was awesome!!! DJ did his room (quite well o I might add!) and a bit of the hall before giving it back to me and running off to play downstairs. How awesome...I got to vacuum in peace!!! Turns out the kids had gotten themselves booted and jacketed and were outside playing!!!! One good thing about misty rain....its no different than snow falling really!! Just not as cold as snow!

DJ got in trouble for hitting the dog, got sent to his room and accidentally fell asleep! Nice! When I put SamSam down for her nap, she went willingly...and faked it!! GRRR She might have slept a bit, but definitely didn't get a full nap!! In any case, it was quiet for a while anyways!!!

Finally bed time arrived and they were tucked in safe and sound! Sam of course didn't make a fuss since she was so tired! Even DJ didn't fuss with a nap under his belt. Once they were asleep Howie and I watched some stuff on the DVR and then he wen to bed. Pretty quiet and normal for us! lol Now that I've erased 3 things from the dvr its time for bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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