Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Revisiting Old Injuries

Man, today was C R A Z Y weather-wise!! Woke up this morning to lovely gray skies...again! At this particular time it wasn't raining. All I had to do was wait! The rains came!! (of course, NOTHING like what's going on in Tennesee!) Just before I was going to bathe the kids, the thunder came!!! The kids both LOVED it and ran nakedly to the window to look for lightning. It was too gray and cloudy we wouldn't have seen any. Snickers...did NOT like the thunder one second and glued herself to me waiting it out. She even came in the bathroom and hugged the toilet while I did the bathing.

Once the thunder was finished we got some wind....I know of a neighbour 4 miles away who got hail even!!! By 3ish the sun was shining and you'd never know we had such a wonky day of weather! I'm REALLY ready for spring to stick around...you know, those days that get really warm with promises of what summer will be like...I want those days!!!!

Today was also Avon wrap day...my orders go in tomorrow and all my clients are scrambling to get their orders to me...I had post-its all over the desk today! Other than a few last minute things, I should be good to go! I even had a lady call me yesterday out of the blue to order lipstick that she liked on another lady she plays bridge with! She searched Avon for the closest rep to her and my name popped up! Pretty kool eh?? And the new salon (my own hairdresser) is working out nicely too! I got an order from a gal over the mountains (literally this time) because she saw my stuff at the salon! YES!!!!

As for the revisiting injury....I had tendonitis when I was a cashier for 6 years at a grocery store back home (Go Zehrs!) and had a wrist brace whenever I needed it. I need it!! This weekend Howie was showing me how strong he is by wrestling me. Mostly just holding my arms so can't do anything. #1 I bruise SOOOOOOO easily its not funny! Within in minutes I'm black and blue! #2 I'm soooooooooooo not strong!! Not by any means! If I had to pick my strength it would be in my legs, not my arms! #3 I fought back too much this time and strained both my hands...but my right one more so...I can't even grip a cup for drinking it's that bad! So I dug out my brace and will be using it the next couple days or so! grrrrrr

Since typing kinda uses these muscles...I'm gonna end it right here!! Oh, wait...DWTS...was FABULOUS tonite!!! I really think the top two are going to be Erin and Maks with Evan and Anna...Chad and Cheryl will be very close too! Damn, did you see the MASSIVE diamond necklace he gave her for her b-day!?!?! Insane!!!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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