Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm having technical difficulties tonite....I am at the mercy of my mountain and the weather!! Today was gray, rainy, cold, sunny, rainy, pouring, sunny....we were all over the place!!! Totally unreliable! So, it seems, is my Internet tonite as I thumb this on my phone, sitting in front if the if somehow, my sitting here will make it magically work and I can use all my digits instead of 2!

This morning as I was doing my morning skin care regimen, the children were apparently doing theirs too...getting nekkid!! We hadn't even eaten breakfast yet!! DJ claimed to have dribbled on his pj's and Samantha was claiming hers were wet instead of fighting they just got dressed!!! After breakfast I went to was Avon submission day! I worked a good campaign too! I had two of my clients ask my advice about what skin care they should be using...I love that my face speaks volumes for me!! I'm noticing cheek bone contouring in my face now! And just tonite I noticed my forehead no longer has those perma-lines from raising my eye brows! Yes!!! By the time I turn that dreaded 40 I should look like I'm only turning 30! Right?!?!? :D

I got my order in with a half hour to spare...better than last time, I had 18 minutes! The kids were hungry, so I got down to making lunch. SamSam is missing the sun methinks. She begged to eat outhide (she can't say S's and most times they're H's) and after a few tears she relented and climbed up in her high chair! While she was napping DJ and chatted, watched tv, planted the herbs we were given yesterday and put them on the deck, tried protecting my feet from him! He's back onto my feet since I got that pedicure 10 days ago! Rather buggy!! I kept checking outside to see if K was home...anything for some DJ distraction!

Samantha didn't nap long, and was up about 3:30ish...once she was fully awake the 3 of us headed downstairs so I could take a walk on the treadmill. While I was walking I had DJ gather a few toys he no longer needs/plays with so we can pass them on. He likes that someone else will get to play with them. And I let him think he'll be getting them back when they're done playing with which point I'm banking on him forgetting completely!! Funny how that happens!

Howie didn't come home after work, but went to Jake's baseball game in Lynnwood! A 5:30 game doesn't work with our 2, so he went to watch. The rain had stopped enough for the game to be played. Jake's team dominated yet again and the mercy rule was applied!!

Howie got home just as we were finishing up reading the 2nd book. So a bit of chaos ensued as they clamoured for his attention! He read them one more book and tucked DJ in. Samantha followed shortly after!! Once Howie was done eating dinner we sat down to watch AI...only 2 more weeks to go before Lee wins it!! That's my prediction!!! I see Casey going home tomorrow nite...altho I wouldn't be too shocked to see Crystal get voted off. Chris Daughtry got voted off before the final 2...and he's doing just fine in the music industry! History has shown that winning the title doesn't mean you're the only tone to go on with a career in music. That's my .02! I will say however, that Lee's rendition of Hallelujah gave me chills!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. I know I have said this before, but i really really miss you on Idol nights. I have been a Crystal fan since day one, but I agree with you on Lee's performance last night. He was amazing & i had goosebumps after both his songs. I hope it comes down to the final 2 being Crystal & Lee, and I really dont care who wins it between them. They are both amazing.


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