Sunday, May 9, 2010

Objects in Mirror...

Are closer than they appear....which didn't quite help me out today.

Today was B U S Y!!!!! From the get go!! Howie came in to wake me up at 9 to get the day started! The first thing on the agenda was eye brow waxing at 10...we got there at 10:20!! Oops!! Sorry Anneke! Thankfully she had the time for us and her next client wasn't til 11...we got done at 11:15 just as they were pulling in! Whew!!

Got my eyebrows done up beautifully and she talked me into my "kitty whiskers" being waxed....I have NEVER in my life heard of this term!!! It's a painful term, I learned!! Those teeny tiny hairs that grow to the outside corners of your mouth are called kitty whiskers. I'm still tender!! Now, I've been getting my eye brows done off and on for the last 15 years or so...and it doesn't bother me one bit...these kitty whiskers....HURT LIKE A MOTHERBITCH!!! WOW!!! I was also very VERY concerned that they'll grow back in know, like the hair on your legs that my mother warned me not to shave at the age of 16 and I wished I'd listened to her!!!

After the torture session, Shirah and I went on our merry way to deliver Avon!!! I had 11 stops on the list...which ended up being 9 as one switched to Thursday nite, and I was able to combine 2 into 1. We finally had our 8th delivery and off we went to get a pedicure! YUM!!! Shirah and I were talking that the last time we'd each gotten a pedi was a year ago in preparation for Maui...what a fast year eh? Unreal!!!

I picked a pretty purple, I didn't want a summery colour yet...but also didn't want a winter one either. Shirah got a gorgeous blue!!! Simply gorgeous!! I loved sitting in the massaging chair while my feet right up to my knees were massaged and rubbed down! When it finally came time to work on my toes, I was ticklish! She'd worked me over so good, that she got thru my tickle defenses! Never had that before! ha!

After the pedi I had one last Avon stop and then we were off to visit our g/f (Wyndi) and her baby girl Nola!!!! YAY baby time! We'd been trying to call, and text to no we went to the house anyway and sat in front of her house waiting as there were no cars visible. After about 5 mins or so of just sitting there, Wyndi throws open the front door and stands there with her hand on her hips gesturing "WTF??" at us. Oh it was comical!!! We couldn't scramble out of the car fast enough!!

I have to say, Baby Nola is THE tiniest baby I've ever held!!! Seriously!!! She was born at 6lbs 5oz and 18 inches long! Her hospital release weight was 5 something. My kids were both more than twice her baby weight!! Even her daughter Izzy was 9lbs at birth!! So foreign to me to hold someone so incredible little! I even had the pleasure of changing her diaper as Wyndi had a c/s and bending hurts like heck...that I do remember! I got some snuggle time before she ate and then waited patiently for her to be done so I could hold her again! Then I realized I was hogging the baby and asked Shirah if she wanted to hold her....and grudgingly handed her over! :) Again, I'm amazed that I have no baby "fever" holding one so tiny. Love it!! I'm perfectly happy with my two precious babies!!

About 6:30 we took off...I dropped Shirah off at a park n ride to meet up with her guy and then I headed northeast for home!! Whew! Howie called to say the propane on the BBQ ran out and asked if we could do teryaki instead! Since it's been since March, I gladly agreed! My dad almost ruined it for me when he was here last and we had it 3 times! It was YUMMY!!!!! The kids had had their dinner at 6ish, and it was just after 8 when I came in the house, yet both kids attacked our meals like they hadn't eaten anything!! I'd hoped to have enough left over for a lunch tomorrow....SO not the case! The two little vultures made sure of that! ha!

Once they were in bed I got the dishwasher ready to go and the laundry going and then finally sat in my chair for the first time today!! So. Comfy!! Now, the day has caught up to me and I'm headed to la la land!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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