Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For the first time

In quite a few days now, I did NOT have the washer OR dryer going...AND there's nothing in either one too!! Truly amazing!! Tomorrow's another story, but I'm relishing in the wonderment of all today!! *sigh*

Part of why I don't have any going is that we thought we were having a septic issue....yesterday right before I was ready to go have a MUCH needed shower, Howie goes outside and starts fiddling and scratching his head. Now, my husband is pretty darn handy to have around...but when it comes to septic, he's a bit in the dark. Having never worked on one or owned one, it's all new to him. He'd seen a light go off (or come on as the case may be) on one of the boxes outside of the house. He also thought the pump wasn't pumping or was dry....so he halted all major drawings of water. I knew I should have had that shower earlier in the afternoon!!!

Anyways, a buddy of his that he works with, who also happens to live in Monroe, and has had a septic tank came by to look at ours this morning. He works graveyard at the club, so he was at the end of his day and still swung by, and looked at everything septic related. No problems! I can do whatever I want water-wise with no repercussions!!!! SWEET!!!!!

After breakfast I got the dishwasher going...as much as I needed that shower, I thought it best to wait til after I worked out. No sense wasting a good shower to just go sweat!

DJ played and played and PLAYED outside today. It was a bit on the chilly side, and he said there was rain in the air, which there may have been, but it didn't get the deck wet at all! Around 4 he came inside as K went inside....so Tinkerbell went on while I went downstairs to work out.

He now has a tell tale sign that he has something he shouldn't...and he KNOWS he shouldn't have it...whatever the item is, he rolls it up in the front of his shirt, right up to his neck! Today, it was a couple things...a rubber stamp...and a flash light. The stamp he found on the dining table...the flash light...up on TOP of the bookshelf that's 6 ft tall, if not taller! I asked him how he got it and he said, Sam did it! Which of course I know is a lie!!! After asking one more time, he said he climbed up to get it. I was livid!! Sent him to his room and kept on walking!! Walked it right off! By the time I went to get him, he was passed out on his bed with his feet up on the wall. I woke his butt up and we talked about what could have happened if the bookshelf fell on him...NOT good!

After dinner Howie got a call from Jake about the cookie dough fundraiser he's doing with his football team...so they met half way to get the order form so Howie could take it to work with him. If anyone wants frozen cookie dough let me know! It'll be here in June!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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