Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Don't put cookies in the fridge again!"

Not exactly something you hear every day! But tonite, as Howie was heading to bed, right before that last "I love you"....I said those words to him!! We both laughed!!

This morning DJ slept til 9!!!!!!!!! NINE A.M.!!!!!!!! I felt like a rock star!! I woke up shortly after 8:30 and because I was kind of trapped by said sleeping child I couldn't get up...not even to pee! So I checked email, and twitter...just as I was about to get into Facebook he woke up! Sam was awake too! She woke up shortly after I did...but she's still too chicken to get out of her crib on her own. In fact, when I went to try and get her out of her crib she said "No! Jay do it" so I pretended to leave but stood where they couldn't see me and watched. DJ asked if she wanted out, she said yes, and he scooted the rocking chair up to her crib side and she climbed out. Easy breezy!

After breakfast we did our normal routine all the while having the same conversation with DJ about how K isn't home on Tuesdays til late because of school and lunch with his G'pa....but he kept on checking!

Once Sam was in bed for her nap, he and I laid on the couch to watch Tinkerbell yet again, one of these times I'll manage to watch the whole thing uninterrupted, when DJ spied that K was outside playing! He took off like a charge! Went to the bathroom, got socks on, got his shoes on and was out the door before I could say "Sure you can go out!" ha! With him out I dozed for a good power nap! At 3 I got up to putz in the kitchen and start thinking along the lines of dinner while waiting for Sam to get up. Around 4 I heard the "Mummy" song coming from her room. As soon as I said we were going outside she was all over it!!

The chore today was to get rid of the weeds in the front of the house where the Rhodies are. While doing that I thought to move the blueberry bushes to the back of the house as I ordered some bulbs as a fundraiser with a friend's stepdaughter. So with them in mind I kept on going along the stairs working at weeding and de-rocking. Sometimes I think we have more rocks than we do dirt!!! Oh, and while gardening it was either listen to the kids (who all assembled on our stairs to chat) or let my mind wander.

Do you realize we as humans are outnumbered by spiders!?!?! Seriously! I killed one today, and I felt bad for one tiny second...til I thought further and realized there's WAY more of them than us! Scary! *shudder* Odd, I know!

Around 6 Howie came out of the house to see what the kid noise was all about. Not having a phone outside with me for the time (no pockets) I had no clue the time til he told me! Packed up all the yard stuff (I got to use all my new gardening paraphernalia!!) and also the kids toys before heading in. Michaela was outside and said she wouldn't mind watching after Sam while all the kids played on. She was the first one to come home tho! SO cute too! She just HAD to ring the doorbell!

After dinner the kids got bathed and sent to bed. Tonite was an AI nite, so it was a swift bed time routine! No worries, the kids were worn out from playing outside!

Now, my predictions re: AI....I think Michael is next to go...then Casey. The final two will be Lee and Crystal....even further....I predict Lee will win. There, I said it! We'll see in a couple weeks! And then of course Glee came on after AI...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!! Tonite was no exception! I was bouncing in my seat watching it! Resisting the urge to get up and dance (you're welcome Lara) and sing along! Such a GREAT show!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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