Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beyond Crazy!!!!!!

Today's weather was beyond crazy!!! Seriously!!!

Woke up to beautiful blue skies and the sun shining!!! Whew!! It was so nice to see that bright orb in the sky again!!! And all that blue in the sky...gorgeous!! DJ tried to go out this afternoon to play, but K was sleeping from his ride home.....which was a bummer! I'm sure it was good for his mom...just a bummer for DJ! He'd been waiting all day!

Howie got home about 4:40ish and it was still nice outside. Samantha was being a goof and wouldn't come out of her crib after her nap! She stayed in there for a half hour! I did get her out once, and she climbed back in! By herself!!!! And so it begins....She did that at lunch too, climbed into her high chair...but for both, she has NO clue how to get out!! Unless DJ is coaching her.

Anyways, Howie got her to come out and changed her while I was in the bedroom getting ready. I had an Avon meeting this evening and needed to get on "out of the house" clothes. You know, the kind that don't have mommy stains on them! When I came out of the bathroom it was POURING down rain!! Heavy rain! The skies were dark gray!! Then the thunder started again! Both kids go running to the bathroom and the dog tries to hide under any adult! Too funny really! Then it started which point I begged Howie to go out and save the tomato plant!!! Thankfully he loves me enough that he did just that!!! Its now in the garage waiting for this crazy weather to turn back to Spring!

I left just after 5:30 and it was raining snow! Not quite hail, and not snow, but not rain either. When the drops would land they had snow patterns to them, but not all of it was it was raining snow! I should be a weather girl and make up my own phrases! hmmmmm, nah! I hear they have to get up super early!

The meeting was FANTASTIC!!!!!! I feel like I learned a lot!!! All about skincare, so I'm gaining more knowledge which means I'll have more confidence! I also put in my biggest order with Avon...EVER!!! Yay me! I hustled buns this campaign!! Plus, I found an excellent outlet for one of my drawings with my hair dresser!! It's totally panning out for me!!! Again, YAY me! Look out world!!!

I was home just before 9, so I got to see the final wrap up of AI...Sinatra isn't really my I don't feel like I missed much! Howie said that Mike and Lee nailed it! The others were so-so. Based on that...I see Aaron going home. I guess tomorrow will tell. Didn't see/hear who went home on DWTS, but I hope it was Pamela...I'll have to check msn quick before I head to bed.

Right now tho, I have to go make Howie's lunch for tomorrow!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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