Friday, May 21, 2010

THAT was beyond intense!!!!

Did anyone else catch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy???

I think the better question is....who in North America missed it!?!?!? UNreal!!! Seriously!!!

There were times I was sitting on my hands.

Times I was peeking thru my fingers to watch.

Times I was bawling uncontrollably.

Times I was holding my breath!

I watched mine on dvr as we had Jake and Morgin over for dinner. Jake was desperate to meet Bailey as he's wanted an English Bulldog since he was a kid...and since Bailey is in the massive breed category, he was pleased. It was nice to have them!! The kids LOVED having them here, especially since they were just here for dinner on Sunday. As soon as Morgin came in both kids went to hide to play hide-n-seek with her. SO cute! And it took a bit to catch on too. They were calling her name from their hiding spots. Such fun!

This morning started WAYYYYYY too freakin early!! Miss B put her paws on Howie's side of the bed at 5:23....twice! I told her OFF and she did. I then got barked awake at 6:30 as DJ was on the other side of the gate I'd put up and wanted in to snuggle. He'd startled Bailey and she startled all of us...well, not Sam, she slept right thru it all. By 7:30 DJ was up again and wanted to go watch he crawled under the gate (I had it raised for fat cat so he wouldn't have to jump it) and Miss B followed suit! It was maybe 6 inches high!! I was impressed!! Since I knew Howie had taken her potty when he was up I laid in bed debating how necessary it was for me to get up right away. Turns out, it was necessary!!! She's a morning pooper...and the living room was her choice location! YUCK!! Got that taken care of right away as DJ's got that weak gag thing. Took her out and she piddled. Came back in and had hungry children.

We were done eating and dressed by 9....I don't remember that happening for a long least not without Howie's help! :) In any case, we were out the door by 10 heading to Costco to do the shopping! This time, I was smart and got the customary smoothie and churro BEFORE we started as a calming device for while we were shopping!!! It worked too! Of course, there's always samples of stuff...which the kids love getting!! From croutons to milk...they don't care!

We got home about 12:30 and I left the kids in the truck watching a movie while I got the dogs out right away for potty and then much easier to do without having to mind them too! As I was putting stuff away, I was taking stuff out for lunch. Both kids wanted to eat outside, but it was cold and damp! So, no! I'm a mean mom! Once they were done Samantha went down quite willingly for her nap since she also got up earlier than normal. DJ and I laid down on the couch and within seconds I was dozing...I woke up 20 mins later and DJ was dozing with me. So I forced (yeah right) myself to go back to sleep for a bit. It worked! I got up just after 3 and DJ just kept on going...around 3:15 I noticed that K was outside so that got him on his feet pretty quick. The sun was out...but it was still chilly! I went out with him and took Miss B with us so she could potty and meet the neighbours. She got slightly overwhelmed as 6 people came to greet her. Man, she's got a loud bark!

It also seems her favourite pooping station is downstairs...NOT a pleasant smell! In fact, its much worse than her farts!! They make my eyes water!! I found her poop this morning before we left and Howie found more when he came home...and then she did it again within minutes of him cleaning up! Obviously we're missing the timing/her signals.

Ok, back to Grey's...I'm glad I dvr'd it as I missed ALL the commercials...but because of that, it was that much more intense for me I think. I actually had to pause it just after the first hour, where Derek got shot, to take a bit of a break! I also lost count of the bodies! Reed, Pierce, security guard, nurse, first nurse, himself, then the injured list was Karev, Derek, Owen...that's it right? Man, what a way to close a season out! I'll be sure to have strange dreams tonite...poor Howie! He says I beat him up in my sleep...I'm sure this won't help!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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