Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Queen Mum

Is whupped!!!! Samantha decided to throw a hissy fit like a true Princess sleeping on a pea!! I went in to check on her before going to bed...adjusted the blankets, turned down the heat and wafted her door one too many times I guess, trying to get some of the heat out. She woke up just screaming!!! I tried to settle her as I'd not been around during bed time...and she liked the attention. But wanted more! Even suggested in her two year old way that I take her into bed with me! Ha! I tried all my tricks and she wasn't having any of that! No way! So, I left. The screaming got louder! The crying was awful! And the sobbing was uncontrollable! While she was pitching her dispute I went and got ready for bed. When I came out she was quiet and sleeping again! Whew!

DJ on the other hand woke up before I went to bed to pee...and when I woke up this morning he was right beside me!! Howie thinks DJ hears his alarm (good for when he's older!) and gets out of his bed to get in on Howie's side as soon as he can!! This morning tho, he was on my side hanging on to the edge of the bed for life! I rolled him over and just about gave me a black eye! Dang floppy arms! He woke up for good shortly before 8 and was buggy! Bugging the dog, bugging me and wanting to bug SamSam! He did go to her room when she woke up and played in her room til she climbed out of her crib. Then he very sneakily closed my door so the two of them could watch tv with me thinking Sam was in her crib! Yeah, I'm not that dumb! but I take advantage of it and get up, go pee and wash my face without disturbance from them! Its a little system we got going on where he thinks he's in charge...ha!

Once breakfast was over we did some errands...library, post office, co-op, gas station and then finally Fred Meyer. Both kids were so excited to go to play land...not nearly as much as me!!! Even tho there was one girl in there when we arrived, she left as soon as my kids got their bracelets on. When I was done they were sitting nicely coloring! So nice! There was another girl in there, but she was wandering around.

We headed home, I made the kids lunch before I put the groceries away and then Sam took her nap. DJ was begging me to find out if K could come over to play, so I called...and he came!!!! While they were downstairs (Sam soon joined them) I worked on my email...I let it get out of control!! I like to have no more than 40 in my inbox...there was 83 new on top of the 50 or so in I did some in house cleaning!! Then worked on the other folders...whew!! Then I had to start thinking about dinner. Broke one of my Pampered Chef 1 cup glass now I have 5 dishes and 6 lids...argh! Thankfully I was able to clean it all up before any little feet came pattering by. Did you know that a piece of bread will clean up all those little tiny shards?? Works wonders too! Then you're not likely to cut your hand going over the counter/floor with a rag.

Once the kids were in bed, Howie continued watching hockey (is it June yet?) and I worked on the dishes, which are being cleaned as I type, and Howie's lunch. The laundry can wait...I'm tired now!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

P.S. cute little DJ tidbit. In our driving around he spotted a sign (and honestly I have no idea what sign he saw) so I asked him what it said, and he pipes up with "It says to slow down Mum!" HA! I was doing a whole 20 mph! That was funny!

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