Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Madhatter Tea Party

That's what we went to this morning!!! The gal who organizes the Mommy & Me group I belong to has set up a series of picnics at the different parks in our area....this makes me very excited to learn where the "good" parks are!!! Today was awesome!!!! Great neighbourhood, fully fenced, and lots for the kids to do!

And our tea party was a smashing success!! It was funny to see DJ drinking from a teeny tiny tea cup! One of the girls who attended brought along her service for 4...and we had apple juice instead of tea...but the kids loved it!

It was fun!! And still close enough to home that we were able to get back for a decent nap time! I'm not sure who needed it more, me or Sam today! Miss B had me up at 6:30 when DJ came in the room...she barks once and I'm alive! He ignored her and crawled into bed. Shortly after 7 I heard her yakking in the hallway...NOT pleasant!! And then around 7:30 she nudged me, so I got up, put a robe on and let her out...she went half way down the stairs and came back. grrrrrrrr Getting me out of bed for nothing is frustrating!! I pointed her back to her pillow and said "Stay" and she did! But I wasn't able to get back to sleep at this point...and DJ was just snoring away! He's got a cold and isn't breathing well. DJ got up at 8 and Samantha seconds after him...so we all got up! Knowing we had the tea party to attend and some Avon to deliver there was no sense dawdling!

While SamSam napped I managed a power nap in between DJ bugging me and sitting on me...rascal! At 3 tho we went outside as the sun was shining and I HAD to get the rest of the garden planted!!! And by George, I did!! It is finished!!!! Well, except for the pumpkins...the take 115 days to grow, and I want them ready for Halloween, so I won't be planting them for a while yet. At least, I hope it goes that way! I don't know....I'll let ya know if it works! lol

The garden didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, so I started weeding at the end of the driveway. Howie and I had talked about planting wildflowers there, and in order to do that I completely ripped out whatever was growing there. I must have done a good 10 feet of clearing! It sure doesn't look like much, but my arms and legs KNOW that it was! You see, the bottom part was maybe 3 feet across...but by the time I got to where I stopped, it was 5 feet across...and its only gonna get worse as I go! I sure hope it looks as pretty as I see it in my head.....or this was a lot of work for nothing!

Tonite once the kids were in bed, rather easily too I might add, Howie and I watched the second last nite of DWTS...and I'll tell you what...all my votes went to Erin and Maks! She's the only celebrity that isn't in the world of dance full time! And she's improved AMAZINGLY so! I will predict too that it'll come down to her and Nicole and Derek...and Nicole will win. She's too strong a dancer....her background is all dance! Either way, I'll be happy! As long as Evan doesn't win it!! just saying...

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Oh my gosh! All that gardening, you have to be sore today. :-)

    The tea party sounds fun!


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