Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thwarted by the rains


Today we originally had a play date with a friend and her two girls...but yesterday the youngest had a random high fever and aches all we cancelled our plans.

Then I took a look at the Mommy & Me calendar and said we'd join up on the picnic for today.

The rains changed those plans!! grrrrrrrrrrr

Man was it raining too!! Like Ontario rains!! Walls of water everywhere! Good for the garden....not so much for the children who are going batty!

We were upstairs, we were downstairs and DJ did get to play next door for a while...entertainment was the word of the day. I did my work out before lunch so they were both with me downstairs "working" on their desks...which actually means laying under neath it like a mechanic and using their tools to "fix" the problem...which actually means just hitting the underside of the desk with whatever tool they have in their hands. Thank you Apple for making the iPod!!

While I was walking the dishwasher was doing its job....while SamSam was snoozing the washing machine was doing its job....while DJ was out playing the mop was doing its job (too bad it's not automatic too!) so the rains REALLY ruined my day! I had none of that on the menu when I woke up this morning!

Ah needed to be done! Especially since DJ's birthday party is next weekend! He's already SO excited for it!! Howie went today and bought his BIG we can't wrap...and I have to find a big bow for it...he's gonna FREAK when he sees it!! Better make sure I have the video camera ready for that one!!

So did you happen to see American Idol?? Can I just scream "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" one more time!?!? HA! I called it from the beginning!! And really, it doesn't matter who "win" the competition...its who you sign with after! And how well they promote you and your talent.
I must say, it was nice to see all the previous (minus 2) winners and others who came back to sing with the crew. That was awesome!

What I don't get....Janet Jackson! WHAT was she doing there!?!?!? She sang 2 songs and not with any of the idols...anyone else that was there was singing WITH a previous what was her purpose?? To just shake her booty and bat her cat eyes?? Who knows! Maybe she's Simon's idol....?? It was waste of time for me.

Now, I'm hitting the hay! No heart attacks this morning so that was helpful! And no accidents in the house save for the one poop that we have NO idea when she does it to make it stop! If we could figure that out we'd be golden!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. Rhomba makes a pretty good automatic floor washer, its a round saucer-like thing, that rolls around the floor, changing directions & washing where it goes. It comes with a 'thing' (I dont know what else to call it" that makes a beam that the rhomba wont cross so it stays in the room you want. It wont cross over into carpeted areas. I have to say, it doesnt do as good a job as down on your knees scrubbing, but it does pretty well, especially if you use it often. I think they have them at Home Depot, and maybe even Walmart. If not, they are available online. They also make a vacuum that works quite well. You can set them to work & go play outside, a good deal I think. :o)

  2. Oh and one more thing, i just have to say it: you were RIGHT! (yikes, that galls me) lol. I really like Lee tho, and am very happy for him, even tho I think Crystal sang rings around him on this past Tuesday. I totally agree about Janet.. shes a bit portly to be wearing that suit, really. I cant stand her.


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