Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear John,

I really liked your movie, but did you have to make me use so many tissues?? I simply must go read the book now as I know it'll be better than the visual version I just watched.


Man, if you haven't seen this movie...DO! But be forewarned to have the Kleenex box handy! I think I started crying 20 minutes in...seriously! And probably didn't stop til the end...I'm still a little weepy just thinking back on it! What a great love story! It used to be that The Notebook was my fave love story...this one is inching past.

And to think....I almost got The Lovely Bones to watch....and then saw this one and knew it was going to be the one I wanted. I just wasn't in the mood for murder...some days are like that! lol

Today was an okay day. Not what we (or I) wanted. More sunshine would have been wonderful! Our original plan was to take the kids to the Speedway to watch the car races...tonite was demo derby and fireworks....but the wetness ruined those plans. It wasn't raining when we ( or I) got up this morning...and as soon as Howie was done eating the YUMMY cinnamon bread french toast I made he was outside working on the yard. Once I got the dishwasher going I joined him. The kids were already out there drawing on the driveway pad outside the house, or digging in the wet dirt...not quite mud...but heavy.

I also tried one of the Salmon berries out back...BLECH!!!!! I'm shuddering now just remembering it! Oh it was awful!! Seriously need to research them! Otherwise they're history whenever Howie wants to get rid of them.

While we were outside Morgin drove up with her mom for a visit. Jake had to work this aft, so she came for a couple hour visit and then he took her home before work....worked out well. The kids LOVED having her here too!! Samantha is just in awe of Morgin and constantly calls out for her. She was sad when they left.

While Sam was napping DJ and I took off to return the movie from last nite, drop off some more books at the salon and then stop by the shed to see what was new. I ended up with a bag of stuff, carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, cookies, scones, and an orange DJ wanted. Good haul! Oh, I also got some fresh lasagna noodles....I wanna try to make some cannelloni...maybe! There was also some babaganoush...which I've never why not!!?!? Maybe tomorrow at lunch the kids and I will try it with some chips.

Now, everyone's gone to bed, the radio is on, the animals are calm and my book is calling me. I figured out I have read this one in the series, but it's a good place to start back I'm continuing reading it.

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!


  1. Oh gosh, I don't know if I want to see it now. I am waaaay too mushy in my old age. I don't think there are enough tissue boxes! LOL.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. i love that movie!! so sad though!


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