Monday, May 17, 2010

I am very aware of

What the word daily means....and have never missed day since starting this blog...but if you'd been inside my poor head last nite, you'd forgive me 1000 times!! I'll start at the beginning....

Woke up yesterday morning leisurely shortly after 9 and got down to business! We were set to leave the house at 10:45 to get to Jake's baseball game in Issaquah. I made breakfast while Howie showered (He'd already taken care of the kids) then I sunshine lotioned (DJ's words) the kids up for being outside in the gorgeous sun, got the last of our stuff packed up for the day, wrapped a birthday present for a party were attending in the afternoon, and then took a shower! Needless to say, we were a tad late leaving! Thankfully Howie was gracious and didn't say anything!

We were late arriving to the game more so because we couldn't find HOW to get into the high school close to the baseball field. We didn't miss much tho, so that was good! And before we knew it, the game was over due to the "mercy" rule, if one team has more than 10 runs on the other team the game is ended, provided you're past the 5th inning. They took a bit of a break to let the boys eat and started the second game at 2:15 instead of 3:30. Kinda nice! It was HOT out too!!! Ok, not so much hot as VERY sunny!!! It was in the 70's with a light breeze.

Once the kids started getting antsy we left and headed to Lynnwood for the birthday party of the grandson of Howie's best friend. Thankfully both kids fell asleep on the way! We had to stop for a card and Sam woke up, but we were in Lynnwood, so it was fine. The party was in the backyard with it being such an amazing day weather-wise. They even had a kiddy pool set up, which my two claimed shortly after arriving!!! Gonna have to get us one!! They LOVED splashing each other! We stayed for a little over an hour and headed home. Howie had to work that evening for a bit, and Jake was coming over to spend the nite.

We got home right around 6 and I got to work watering all the living things that needed watering. It was at this point that I noticed I was seeing double. I even told Howie that it was like my eyes were seeing independently of each other, and if I tried to focus on one thing I'd see two. We didn't do a proper dinner as the kids had been eating, literally, from the time we arrived at the baseball field for Jake's game to the time we left the birthday party. In fact, we've renamed Samantha to Samoocha!! She is SUCH a little moocher!!! Anyone!!!! Doesn't matter who you are, if you have food, she'll con you out of it!! It was funny to watch!! And quite frankly, I'm SHOCKED she didn't throw up at some point with the amount she ate! INSANE!!!

I got the kids bathed before bed to get all the dirt, grime and sunshine lotion off....also to calm them down a bit before bed. It worked too, for Sam...DJ, not so much. He knew Jake was coming and was very excited. He tried waiting up for him, but couldn't do it! Howie left to go get him a half hour before bed time, so I was on my own...I have to say, it went well considering it was unexpected!

The boys were home shortly after DJ fell asleep and I got Jake fed and Howie off to work. Once Jake was done eating we watched some tv from the DVR. Finished up the season of Human Target. The first one I was fine for....but the second one was killing me slowly. I asked Jake to get some advil and downed 4 of them right away. Then I had him turn the lights off. Do you see what's happening to me?? Migraine!!!!! I haven't had one of these suckers since I was 16 years old and had one a month if not more! Noises started bothering me. Jake's glow from his cell phone irritated me. The tv bothered me. And the pounding behind my eyes was unbearable! I didn't watch the second Human Target, I listened to it...and dozed in and out. Hindsight, I should have just gone to bed. But it was only 10:30 and Howie wasn't due home til 1. About an hour later, the rings stopped appearing around objects...I could keep my eyes open for more than 3 seconds....and I could sit up. I took a break once the show was over and went to the bathroom and took my contacts out. OH that helped!!! Then we watched 27 Dresses. What a great movie!!! It was quite cute!!

Once it was done, I bailed and went to bed!!! I was laying in the dark when Howie came home shortly after 1....since we keep the door propped open for the cats to come and go, I had to sleep with my mask on since Jake was still in the living room. But once I was out...I was OUT!!! Didn't wake again til 9:20! DJ even came in at 6:30 to me and asked where Daddy was....I have NO recollection of that!

So as I'm eating breakfast this morning, my SIL calls to say the twins DO have a game at 11:30. Back to the ball fields we go!! Only this time in the opposite direction! They were in Marysville today. Unbelievably we made it for the middle of the first inning....I had nothing prepared for today so had to scramble big, both Howie AND Jake showered before leaving!!! Sadly, the girls lost by one run and they were done in the tournament.....which meant we were free to come home.

My goal was to plant the rest of the garden...but the moment we entered Monroe it was raining. Big heavy drops! Then Howie asked Jake if his girlfriend would like to come out for dinner...she did, so Jake went and got her while Sam napped, DJ played, I cleaned and Howie watched hockey. He did vacuum for me tho.

Close to dinner I called DJ in as we'd noticed he and K were in the fire pit next door digging....and he NEEDED a bath before dinner!!! I have NEVER seen a dirtier kid!!! He came in and was told to touch NOTHING til he got in the tub!!! HEAD TO TOE dirty!!!!! Realistically, he got two baths! The first one was just to get the surface stuff off! His hair was horrid!! There was so much dirt and soot in there it was awful!! So I drained that and ran a new bath...but before I let the water stay in the tub, I ran his head under the faucet...he hated it, but it HAD to be done!! I scrubbed that boy til he shone!! Even then, he still had dirt stains on his feet, knees and elbows! Unreal!! I have forbidden him to play in there again!! lol

After dinner the kids played a bit but with a 2 hour round trip (not including a quick visit with Morgin's mom) we headed out shortly after 7. Jake fell asleep so Morgin and I chatted a bit. We got there shortly before 8 and I got a nice little visit in with Joanne! I headed home about quarter to 9 and got home about quarter to 10! Everyone was nicely sleeping so I got Howie's lunch ready for tomorrow and sat down to watch the finale of Survivor. I'm SOOOOOOO glad Russell didn't win again!! I was rooting for Sandra!! One game I could never do! Yet, I feel like I do it every day!!! lol

Now, I'm heading to bed! You've been caught up!! Whew! Sorry there was no post for this morning, but I hope you'll forgive me!! Makes me wonder....has the New York Times EVER missed a day?? Hmmmmm lol

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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