Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking a test drive

But not with a car...with a 7 month old puppy!!

Yes, you read that right....a puppy!!!! As in canine, 4 paws, floppy ears, big ol' jowls, and a sniffing nose!! She's a Neapolitan Mastiff and her name is Miss Bailey!!! Her current owner has two beauties and is running out of room for both massive dogs in her condo....knowing Howie is an animal lover, she approached him last week about it and we discussed it. Now, we're trying her out/on for size and fit. So far, Snickers is the only one out of sorts! Well, Jazz is too, but she's just choosing to hide rather than deal with the puppy!

The kids LOVE her!! The first 15 minutes she was here was a flurry of squeals and excitement...after that, they were good! Bailey's been checking the joint out, and snoozing more than anything. I've read they're a lazy breed when indoors! She absolutely INHALED her dinner!! Howie doesn't even think she tasted it! He fed both girls at the same time, and put some chicken in Snickers' bowl so she'd eat more right away...she's usually a dawdler when it comes to food, and Bailey will clean the plate so to speak.

She has got a BARK on her too!! Man, it's deep!!! Not sharp like Snickers, but from the chest! She's gone nose to nose with Jasper and there was no clawing or hissing...but when Jasper is trying to snuggle up with me in my chair after everyone is asleep, and Bailey comes over to investigate, he growled! There is an order in this house, and Bailey is dead last! lol

Ok, enough about the dog right?? lol This morning we woke up to sunshine!!!! YAY!!!! I think DJ was outside playing by 10 am! He was that anxious to get see K and to play!! Worked for me! Sam and I hung out inside and had little 11 tho, she was manipulating me to get outside...and so we did! She of course, was thrilled!! I worked a bit on the garden, getting those pesky weeds out! And thinning the onion row a bit! Most everything is coming up nicely! I don't think the squashes worked...I wasn't smart enough to write down what I planted where...rookie mistake! I'm allowed a few!!!! I also turned the soil on the rest of the garden as I WILL be planting this weekend!!! I should have done it today, but this afternoon kinda went sour weather-wise.

The kids ate lunch outside and Snickers helped with the carrots...both kid feigned exasperation with this, but I know they were secretly thrilled! lol No, I'm kidding. DJ was distraught but refused replacements, and Samantha just wanted to copy yeah, she's a brat! DJ took off as soon as he was done and Samantha and I played a bit inside before putting her down for a nap. I would have LOVED to have had one too, but I REALLY needed to get the grocery list made up for tomorrow. The past couple months I've been slacking off, and rushing to do it the day of, and its just not working for me that way! I literally spent the entire nap time clipping coupons, and drafting, and re-writing that list! Man! I'm already starting to think ahead to DJ's party...and goodie bags...and food...and...and...and!

Once Sam was up from her nap, she couldn't go outside again like I said she could...the rains had started!! With some wicked winds!!! The blow-your-toupee-off kind!! I saw small branches flying around out there!! Our lights flickered twice, thankfully nothing came of that!

Once the kids were in bed, Howie and I waited til 9 for the results show on AI....and I purposely ignored anything that would blow it for me! Can I just say..."I told ya so!!"....just once!! lol Altho, Howie did bring up a good point before it all came down...what if it was Casey and Crystal in the final 2?!?!?! Hadn't even contemplated that!! I'll say it now....Lee will win!

I can also safely say that I've not been infected by that Bieber fever everyone's been talking about!!! Whew!! I know I'm old enough to be his mother but I don't find him cute at all...he's just like every other teenaged, long haired boy out there....'cept his face is clear and he's got make up on! His singing didn't impress me! His drumming did at the end, but that was minor. The other guy, Travis Garland, is just another Bieber knock-off...same hair style, just about the same clothes, and no voice!! He should learn to mind the cameras tho...there was a shot of him walking past a camera and he's hauling up his pants....PUT A BELT ON!!!!!!

Now, I'm going to take Miss B out for one last potty before's hoping she doesn't snore as loud as the other two!! Or that she doesn't think our bed should be hers!!! HA!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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