Monday, May 3, 2010

The Season Is Upon Us

Baseball season that is!!!!

Yes, I know the MLB started a month ago!

And yes, I know Little League started a month ago!!

But Jake's team hasn't even started really!!!! Today was a practice game for his team and since it was at 3 pm, we all went to watch!!! It was in Mountlake Terrace and we had to pick up Morgin so she could go too! It was from her that we learned that Jake worked this morning at his job and then headed straight from there to the ball field.

We had NO problem picking her up to take her! DJ was thrilled...til she got IN the truck!!! He gets SO shy around her and clams right up! In fact, he had his arm crooked around his mouth so she couldn't even see him talk if he did! AND he would barely look at her! It was funny! We enjoyed the silence since we had a million and one questions thrown at us the whole drive down!

The sun did NOT show up today as promised!!! We all dressed rather warmly since it was raining here when we left!! Around Everett it slowed down and when we got to Lynnwood the roads were dry! It was still a chilly day tho! The wind was making it feel colder too. Sam fell asleep at some point on the highway, didn't budge when we got Morgin picked up, or when everyone unloaded but me and her. When Howie came back to get a towel...she woke up! Dang it! So she got maybe 45 mins of a nap!

So I did her hair up, changed her bum and off we headed to the bleachers. We sat far enough away from everyone that hopefully the kids wouldn't be too distracting to the other parents! I was also armed with a bag of snacks for the kids. Which of course started right away as DJ knew I had fruit snacks in the bag!

Then the running started!! And the more they ran, the further they tried to go! Out came another snack! Which settled them for a I gave them their juice bags to have. At 4 pm DJ wanted the cookies I had in the bag and I told him we'd have them at 4:30...the half-way point of the game. He was doing good but getting louder with his feet on the bleachers. And they were running out of sight at this point, well trying to! At quarter to 5 I offered to take them to the truck and watch a movie as I was freezing cold and I could tell Howie was getting frustrated with them. Perfect for everyone!

Until...DJ fell asleep on me in the truck watching the movie!! I was reading a magazine and totally tuning out the movie!! That's when it dawned on me...I was only hearing one person comment thru the movie...Sam! AHHHHHHHHH! I look back and sure enough, DJ is drooling away! I tried waking him up and she got mad at me. A half hour later I tried again this time getting somewhat successful, he started watching the movie and promptly fell back to sleep! GRRRRRRRRRR On my last attempt I told him Kristopher was waiting to play with him and it worked!!! He sat right up looking around to see where K was! ha! Fooled him! But he stayed awake at that point! A few minutes later the game was over and it was time to head home! Jake came by the truck to see DJ, Sam and I....which DJ loved! He begged him to sleepover at our house, but it's a school nite. DJ doesn't quite understand that yet.

We got home rather late, 6:30ish and got dinner going immediately! Howie took care of the kids while I got ours going. I did this frozen Wanchai Ferry dinner. Y'know, it was pretty fantastic! Perfect for in a pinch situations! Definitely not a lot of food, I added a cup of cooked broccoli! But still satisfying! The flavour was intense!! lol

Now, I've had my Sunday nite veg with the boob tube...and its time to go read in bed and hopefully warm up! I'm still chilled!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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