Friday, May 7, 2010

If we had a Reality TV show

It would either be really boring or really hilarious!!!!!! There are so many moments during my day that just crack me up...and then there's times where it's quiet in the house and nothing is happening.

This morning I caught Samantha trying to climb out of the crib...DJ pushes the rocking chair up close to the crib...its higher than the ma tress so not so much a "drop" or a "reach" for her size 6 foot to make. Once set free she was happy to join DJ watching "dartoons" til breakfast. And most mornings she just wants "hayeel" (translation: cereal) and DJ wants "doast" (that should be easy) and if there's an apple involved both of them go nuts! Today, DJ got strawberries which made him extra happy!!!! My mother turned him into a strawberry freak!! Sam, could care less! Even with sugar on it! Must be a Hughes thing!

After breakfast they played a bit before I bathed them. Which in hindsight wasn't that smart as DJ got to play hard outside and stunk up the all the work I washed off in the first place!

Yes, the weather was MOST agreeable today!!!! Sunshine from the moment we got up and it stayed ALL day!!! Much needed from all that nasty wet stuff we've had the past two weeks!! Oops, just now remembered I forgot about the tomato plant in the garage...gotta do that tomorrow if its a nice day again.

Right as soon as DJ was done his last bite he burst out the front door to go play with K! We'd seen him out the window before I even started lunch, so to him it was pure torture to make him wait! lol Oh to be 3! Sam was okay with being left behind...she got a sippy! DJ opted not to have/take one with him. *shrug* Playing must be more important!!

While Sam was napping I got down to soupy business!! I pulled out the ham shank from the freezer to make split pea soup. My g/f, Wyndi (whom I've mentioned on here LOTS) had a baby girl yesterday and it was pretty traumatic for her. So my other g/f, Tiffany (who just had a baby herself 10 weeks ago) sent me an email asking if I'd like to join a Meal Train for the family. Well of course!!! It didn't dawn on me til today that I'm making something for the family of an executive chef!! AH!!!!!! He'll either LOVE it and offer me a job...or accuse me trying to poison his family with my cooking!! lol

Howie was late home tonite and found us all over at the neighbour's house on the back porch just chatting...I've missed that! Stop going away so much Lara!! lol Sam got to play outside too, so she was VERY happy!! And daddy coming home was the perfect distraction for her going inside so I could get dinner going.

Tonite I made oven baked chicken with rice and steamed broccoli. The chicken was normal and the broccoli typical...the rice....was a change up (I'm giggling already!) in that I bought brown basmati rice. Something none of us have had, but it was on sale in the bulk food section so I thought I'd try it! I love basmati rice....but I'm thinking I cooked it wrong. It was a little undercooked and chewy...still very flavourful and delicious. Samantha could NOT get enough of it!!! Seriously! She'd do well on Survivor!

Howie....HATED it!!! Took maybe 2 or 3 bites and stopped eating it! Spouting non cuss words for DJ's benefit telling me how much he hated it! I was laughing SO hard I was getting a tummy ache! Sam liked it so much, she ate all the rice on Howie's plate!! Honestly!! And every few minutes I'd burst out laughing uncontrollably!! And when Howie scraped it out of his lunch container I was on the floor laughing (not literally) so hard!! Oh it was good comedy!!

Then as we're getting pj's on and whatnot, I snuck up behind Howie as he was reaching for the on button to the tv and scared the crap out of him!!! I have this thing for scaring him...its SO hard to do sometimes! But lately, I've been on a roll! He says one of these days he's gonna clock me I scare him so bad! :D

Once the kids were in bed I grabbed a shower...Samantha didn't make much of a fuss tonite at bed time...and DJ certainly did not...he was out pretty quick! Howie was soon to follow in the bed time thing. After watching a bit of tv I had to use the I use the kids bathroom which won't wake Howie wasn't til I was done that I remembered Miss Samantha put almost half a roll in the toilet earlier. Right before bed time she was nekkid waiting for pj's to be put on and she went to the bathroom, shut the door, took her diaper off and sat on the toilet. She says to pee...but who knows if she actually did! When I found her she had her hand in the toilet pushing the toilet paper into the water. Yeah, we washed her hands right away!

So there I am with no toilet paper in sight!!! And none in the cupboard under the sink as my husband raided THAT stash instead of the stuff in the hall closet that was for our bathroom. GAH!!!!!!! And, what's everyone doing?? Sleeping!!! No one to call!! Thank goodness there's a box of tissues on the back of the toilet!! I replenished that bathroom as soon as I was done!

Now, I'm all tv'd out and heading to bed as soon as I get Howie's coffee ready for the morning!!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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