Sunday, May 23, 2010

Change of plans

I love how when you have a day planned out in your head and you wake up to some other reality!!!

4:30, DJ woke me up...he wanted to sleep with us, and I said he went back to his bed with minimal fuss actually...I went potty myself since my bladder begged...apparently Bailey decided she needed to go out too...she started nudging Howie awake. He took her out and that was the end of him sleeping.

I firmly believe now that puppies are God's way of amending women having to get up all those times to feed their infants...multiple times a nite!

So, when I got up at 9:30 Howie went back to bed...boom! Change of plans!!! He was suffering from a migraine headache so he put ear plugs in and went back to sleep. It was after noon when he got up...mostly headache free. Meanwhile, DJ was sleeping on the chair and Sam was running wild around the house! She is such a funny little girl!! She thoroughly enjoys attention and making people laugh! We LOVE that about her!! And I pray it never changes! Her giggles are infectious!

Once DJ woke up we all had lunch together and then Sam went down for her nap. Did I forget to mention its been raining cats and dogs all day!?!? yeah...NOT what I had in mind! I'm still waiting to plant the rest of my garden....I'm itching to get at it!! While Sam was snoozing DJ and I went into town to finish up the grocery shopping....and start getting supplies for his birthday party. He's quite excited about it all! The invites went out today...and I'm now an evite stalker! lol

While we were in town the sun was shining and NOTHING was wet!! They didn't have rain! My truck however was dripping! I'm convinced now that we have our own weather system up here! We enjoyed the warmth of the truck after it sitting there while we were shopping. The rains had finally let up by the time we got home too...but not nearly enough for me to get out and I had dinner to start thinking about. While the sauce was heating for sketti I went and had a workout on the treadmill. I need to step it up a bit here!! I've noticed some body changes, but not scale changes...grrr!! I need to get a digital scale...I really HATE the one we of these days! Avon has one, I just need a banner campaign where I can get it for myself.

After we put the kids to bed Howie and I had an in-home date nite...the plan was to finally watch Avatar. He's been wanting to see it since it came out, me, not so much...but hey, he's been quite gracious lately in the movie department. We got settled down to watch it and I have to say, it took a bit for me to get into it...follow the whole story line. It took a while to build up the characters so you feel like you know a bit of the history and whatnot. It was somewhat predictable to me....but the CGI is pretty freakin incredible!!! I will say that!! And Howie kept saying "I wish we'd seen this in 3D!!" and that would have been better...but I enjoyed it just the same.

There was one part that was rather hokey to me...and the fighting made me think of Braveheart....and the end screams SEQUEL!!!!! lol Hey, that's my it or not! Not something I'd need to see again like some obsessive people.

DJ just woke up to pee and as I'm snuggling with him before I tuck him back in bed he says to me "Why did you buy me?" How on earth does he know we paid for him!?!?!? He was definitely worth every penny!! And even the pennies he's costing us still!! Speaking of pennies...I'm sitting here looking at $1.09 in change from his piggy bank. Today he bought his first thing with his OWN money!! Oh he felt SO proud handing his money to the cashier!!! And it was after dinner that he came up to me saying "Mum, help me get my money from the train to pay you!" How kool is that!??!!? He actually remembered he had to pay it back! The prize he picked out?? A water squirt stick just like K got for Easter. He's been wanting one since! And every time he sees it at the store he plays with it, tells me all about K's and begs for one! So, today, I explained that he could buy with his money if he wanted to! He did! And then he wanted to buy everything else too...silly boy!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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