Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He looks SO handsome

When he gets a haircut!! Oh my goodness!!!! If I could afford it, I'd have him get one every 3 weeks!! Such a handsome face!!!! And every time he gets one, I swear he gets older on me!!

This morning was obviously hair cut day for DJ!! I'm in shock at just how fast his hair grew in 8 weeks!!! Insane! He's getting better with the clippers too...much better!!!! If he'd let her do the whole hair cut with them, he'd be done quicker. Not to mention, I could do it here at home....but that's another story! I'm not sure he'd want me doing his hair...maybe one day!

The moment we pulled into Anneke's driveway Samantha started saying "Lia's house" as there's this 2 year old girl who's one day older than SamSam and her name is Aliya. They play so well together!!! And then DJ piped up with "This is Travis' house!" and yes, it is! He's their 9 year old son and DJ just loves playing with Travis!!! He's really good with little kids too!

Once the hair cut was done I got a bang trim which was SOOOOO needed!! They were down to the tip of my nose. Then we got a chance to just chat which was nice!! We wandered out to her garden and she gave me some AWESOME tips for growing things. I also got some of her extra mint and thyme for our garden!! I think I'll start them off in pots up on the deck for this year. Not exactly sure what I'll do with the mint, but man it smelled so good!!!

After Anneke's we headed into town so I could see the gals at the other hair salon I deal with. Got two great orders from there and then we headed to the library. I'd put a book on hold a couple weeks ago and it came in...it also went out!! I was too late picking it up...boo!! So I put another hold on it and then helped the kids pick out some new books for their reading pleasure! 6 books later we checked out and headed home for lunch!

SamSam took a nap and DJ and I watched some tv together til he spied K outside and took off! That let me get to the computer to do some Avon work and enjoy some quietness in the house. I woke Sam up about 4:20 as it was way past her normal time to be getting up. Howie got home shortly after, and the normal evening routine/chaos ensued! Samantha is getting braver out on the back deck....starting to go downstairs when she shouldn't. I put her in timeout and it was THE funniest thing ever!! Both Howie and I were silently cracking up!! She sat there on the bench with both hands to her face giving an Oscar worthy performance of someone who was so hard done by!! After her 2 minutes we chatted about what she did wrong and she just clung to me in a hug that wouldn't stop! Cuteness!!

Since DJ was out playing for a few hours he got yet another bath! I wish he'd keep his shoes on!!!!! (I can hear my mother chuckling now as I never kept my shoes on either...EVER!) So they both got bath and the headed to bed!! Howie and I watched DWTS and enjoyed it! I think it'll come down to Evan and Chad in the bottom two...with Evan going home. He's just not as popular as Chad is...there's WAY more football fans than there are men's skating fans. Not to mention the x-factor...beautiful people....blah blah blah!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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  1. Little Bridget does that in time out too. Just holds her face and lets her hair be a curtain. It's just pitiful!

    I bet the hair looks cuute. :-)


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