Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gone Avoning

Its not quite the same as "Gone Fishing" but I have to say, its a lot more fun for me! Getting to hang out with my girlfriends, when they're home that is!, and talking shop...its fun! Today was no different! Well, a little different...I had DJ with me! Howie was having a tough morning with him and he'd been up since 4:30 again with Bailey (Who is currently whining outside our bedroom door where Howie's sleeping) as she had to pee. And once Howie's up...he's up! Cranky Howie is no fun!! Knowing I had to do deliveries today he wasn't able to go back to bed when I got up....and since I enjoy having two children, I thought it in the best interest of DJ if he came with me!!

I wasn't thinking about the best interest of he drove me a bit batty! The one way to shut him up tho is to turn the music on and crank it! :D Thank you Lady Antebellum! We got to the first stop and knowing she wasn't home I just left it with her son...and DJ stayed in the car. Next stop was to friends of ours who we were giving a few toys from our stash to for their 1 year old grandson. DJ thought it was pretty neat to share like that! And he knows he can play with them if he ever visits their house!

One of our stops was to check out a friend's new apartment! Her first one moving from awesome! She's done a great job too! DJ was playing seriously shy and ended up knocking over a cup that had a bit of water in it...grrr He got some time out there and then snapped out of it. I'd been talking to him about being polite and talking to people...esp when they talk to him first. I think he's having a hard time figuring out the whole stranger danger thing...when it's okay and when it's not.

We had a delivery to my old (she's not!) land lady who was at the end of her son's birthday he enjoyed playing with the boys for a second...kicked off his shoes, socks and jacket! Took a bit of work to get him to leave too!!

The last stop we had was with Jake's he relaxed even more!! Still played shy, but warmed up quicker! I had a great visit with her and her mom and yakked about anything and everything! Even got to have some sushi!! Delish!!! About 4 we took off in the homeward direction...with a pit stop at Walmart (where else!??!) to check prices on some birthday stuff for a certain boy who's turning 4. I tell ya, its tough to check these things out with him right there! VERY tough! I decided he didn't need new shoes after all, he's still got some growing room in the ones he has now, and I don't want him to get a new pair and ruin them right he can wait! Plus he's got his crocks! I might get him a pair of sandals or dock shoes...we'll see! Of course, as he's seeing these things he's freaking out that I'm not buying them...complete with crocodile tears and red face! Just LOVE havign THAT kid be mine in the store....*eye roll*

We got home just after 6 and got dinner under way...DJ had fallen asleep on the way, 20 minutes before we we home! 20 mins of sleep and DJ aren't a good mix! CRANKYPANTS!!! Ugh! After dinner they got in their pj's and then wrestled with Howie to get the last of the energy out! Worked like a charm too! Samantha went down without so much as a whimper (2 nites in a row now!) and DJ came out once to remind me that I hadn't done his prayers with him....he was right!

Now, Howie's in bed too, hence Bailey's whining, and I'm going to go sit and watch the last half hour of The Apprentice finale. I'm recording the finale of Lost as I'm still a season and a half behind....once the summer starts I'll have lots of time to catch up I'm sure!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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