Friday, May 14, 2010

I've got the weepies today

Not sure why....but today's been bad for the tissue boxes in our house! I've cried 4 times today! The first time was totally for selfish reasons I'm not willing to admit as it would make me sound like a 4 year old!! The second time was while watching the Private Practice season finale. The third while watching the news (I rarely watch it for that reason) and the 4th was while writing an email. *sigh* I think I'll use a bit of extra eye cream tonite to ward off the puffies that are sure to happen tomorrow morning.

This morning tho, I had both my babies tackling me in bed! At least this time DJ asked if he could help her out. He's a good big brother! Thankfully with their age difference being as close as it is, he's never really tried lifting/picking her up. Which is a good thing!! Once breakfast was done and the dishwasher started we headed outside to play. It was a glorious day!! The kids next door were already out basking in the vitamin we joined them! Plus, I get the added bonus of adult chat in the middle of the day!!!!! :)

DJ is now fully on this kick of wanting to eat outside...even his breakfast! Which I don't allow....but at lunch, why not!! We need to find him/them a kids picnic table for on the deck...I think they'd LOVE that! Sam started off her lunch in the high chair til DJ came in from playing and wanted outside...then she refused to eat anymore til I let her be out there with him. At which point she stole his bagel and hid in a corner with it. OH I laughed!! The compromise was that she could have a bit of it.

While she was napping DJ watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure and I worked on the computer....but I'd take "tackle" breaks and run over and tackle DJ on the couch!! He loves when I do this and starts telling me when to take breaks to tackle him. He's so funny!!!! Oh and get this...this afternoon during our tackle session he takes his shirt off and hands it to me and says "I need to air out my belly" SO hilarious!!! HE was serious, I was laughing!!! K doesn't wear a shirt outside sometimes, so that's where he's learning that. I love it!

Samantha during her bath this morning noticed her bruises from falling down outside and started kissing them....that just cracked me right up!! Usually she wants me to kiss them, but today she took it upon herself to make them better. Love it!

I didn't get to see much of Howie today...he got home and within 15 minutes I was out the door and on my way to Lynnwood for an Avon meeting! I chose to go to the Leadership meeting too, to learn about recruiting others to be Avon reps. I found that most interesting!! The regular meeting was after that and as always, was fun, informative and long running!!! lol Our district manager gets talking and she's like the energizer bunny....keeps going and going and going and if she ever reads this she'll hit me!! Shh k?

I got home just after 10 and everyone was sleeping of course. Hit pause on the tv (Private Practice remember) and went pee! Whew! Then I got myself a bowl of cereal (I really do LOVE the granola I make!) and sat down to watch tv and relax! I then watched Survivor from earlier. I'll watch Grey's at some point this weekend. I need to get to bed!

Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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