Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!

75 years!!!

3 quarters of a century!!!!

7 and a half decades!!!!!

6,300 months!!!!!

27,375 days!!!!! (I can go on...)

And yet somehow you still think you're in your 50's! Some days I even wonder when you're going to get old!! Then you go and fall asleep mid conversation just to prove it! It does seem like your energy knows no bounds....til you sit down that is!

Do you realize you were the same age as Travis when you had Johna. That you were my age when you had me!! How about that at age 45 you became a Granpa for the first time...close to John and Joanne's age. Kinda wild when you put it in perspective of where we are in our lives compared to yours.

With 6 kids between you and mom that has grown rather nicely to 15 grand children! And the great grand kids have arleady started!! Just think, when you're Nanny's age you might even have great-great grand kids!!

Being an Evanoff is more than just a name...its an attitude!! A work ethic!!! A driven purpose in life! We've all watched that...grown up with that...and most of us have become that in one degree or another! We all learned from you whether you think so or not! I know you can look at each one of us and see yourself in our character and our actions. Scary isn't it? A bit like looking into a mirror only you can see. I can see you in my mirror too!! (Johna and Tori know what I'm talking about!) In the end tho, we're all very proud to wear the Evanoff name! I know I am!! I pray the name lives on...somehow!

Dad, you know I've loved you from the day God created me in mom's womb...and I'll continue loving you long past the day you leave this earth! I'll be sure to pass on your legacy to my children who love you for more than your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters! I sure do wish I could be there with you all to celebrate the 75 years of life, that's 39,420,000 minutes, you've been alive! I WILL be there when you celebrate the next milestone of turning 80! Only this time, let US do the cooking will ya!

I love you and hope you feel my love across the miles! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!

*cue tears*

Your second born, first born, middle child and 2nd to last child!

Today is also their anniversary!! Happy 38th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!! Here's to 38 more!!! I love you both tremendously!! Infinitely!!!! Eternally!!!!


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