Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What day is it??

Three day weekends throw me right off!!! I kept thinking today was Sunday, no Saturday, no wait, its Monday....yeah, all messed up!

I do know, however, that today is Memorial Day. Kind of a big deal in the U.S....so in honour of men and women in service to freedom, I give you my cousin! Jeff is currently in Iraq fighting on Canada's behalf. He is my Aunt Phyllis' oldest son....husband to Allison...trainer/rider of many horses. He's the one I pray for when I put the tag line at the bottom of my posts. Thank you Jeff!!
Today was plan-less...with all the rains lately we've become dependent on what its doing outside as to what we're doing anywhere. Today was no different! The rain was coming down SO hard it was like a scene from a movie where they're trying to show a downpour. We got it!! If it had been snow, we'd have been snowed in for sure! Thankfully it wasn't cold enough! BUT if you go outside, you can see your breath!

So while it was raining, Howie was carpet cleaning. With Miss B's "accidents" happening mostly downstairs, it needed a cleaning!! Plus, it didn't get done when we moved in as that was box central. He also did the stairs...which were desperate to get done!! It looks like brand new carpet now!! I love it!! There's still some spot cleaning to do upstairs thanks to Miss B and her puke/poop spots. grrrrr Just tonite I asked her if she needed to go...I'm sitting at the computer...I get up and walk around the corner and she's already peed AND pooped on the carpet!!! UGH!!! Gotta love picking up warm poop!! I tied a bell on the front door for her to nose to let me know when she needs to go out, but with the carpets getting done, today wasn't a good day to try that. We had gates up so the kids couldn't go downstairs....well, neither could she to ring the bell. Here's hoping tomorrow the lesson sticks! I'm good with bell sounds!
While Howie was off taking Jake home, DJ was outside playing (finally the rain let up a bit, and even gave way to sunshine!!!!) and SamSam was still snoozing I did a workout on tv. This time I did one that the Biggest Loser contestants did...and there was a modified version too! I did that one for the most part. It wasn't too bad! Got me huffin and puffin again...which is good! The lung is a muscle I need to train too! Just as I was finishing up my mom called, so I had a good half hour chat with her! Sooooon she'll be here again! July can't come quick enough!!
Once the kids were in bed it was discovered there was nothing on tv...so Howie went to bed too! Well, there wasn't anything on for HIM to watch!! I had the Bachelorette to watch! I love having DVR...I skip all the precursor stuff and commercials....less time! I will say she's picked off the ones I'd want picked off!! lol
Then I watched a Lost episode....getting more and more lost by each show! And judging from everyone's reactions last week at the series finale, it won't really be explained. Once I got done I decided to do another work out....this time I chose Last Chance Workout with Jillian. This one wasn't nearly as bad/painful as the one I did Friday....this was tolerable...of course, I'll let ya know tomorrow if that's still the case. I can feel this one in my arms more than anything.
Now, I'm ready for bed! Whew!!! Back to reality tomorrow....waking up early. I tell ya, I've been spoiled the past 4 days getting to sleep in. And Howie confessed today that the main reason he hasn't been going fishing is because he feels guilty if he doesn't take DJ now...and the weather hasn't been co-operative for an almost 4 year old to join the fun. Soon tho....
Til next time...pray for safety for all troops!

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