Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One am

Is a good time for shutting the light out....

Its also a good time for some middle-of-the-night nookie....

Its also a good time to be sleeping....

Its NOT a fun time to change DJ's sheets on his bed because he peed the bed...

Yeah, that's what I was doing last nite! I went to tuck him in and discovered he was sleeping in a puddle! So before I woke him, I took all the blankets that weren't soiled off, got the sheets uncornered, got new sheets ready to go, a towel for the wet spot, got new pj's ready, and his wet pj's off before he woke up. Once he was up we went to the bathroom where he didn't have to pee anymore (obviously!), cleaned him up, and went to remake his bed. He thought it was so exciting to get new sheets on the bed....something I don't understand, but okay! Put him back in bed, covered him and put Tad on for 6 minutes of lullabyes....and he didn't wake me til 7 was perfect!!

Except that I woke up a couple times during the nite, and when Howie left for it wasn't a full nite for me...*sigh* And when DJ did join me, he was not wanting to snuggle or even lay down with me....bugging at the dog, as usual!

So we were up shortly after 8 and got our day on the go! After breakfast my mom messaged me in blackberry to ask me to set my dad up with a twitter account...welcome to the future!!!! My dad wants to be a I really have no outlet to vent! lol Got him set up and then the kids and I went out to run errands...had to go to the bank (cashier's cheque), then to Verizon to see if they can fix the trackball rim on my phone....apparently I've dropped it more than I thought and it broke on one side...I've since found one for 2.49 on eBay instead of the 50.00 they quoted me! And then we went to the DOL to get the (late) tabs for the Jetta...and then home for lunch and nap.

While Sam was napping, I set DJ up with some goldfish and juice and went to work on the dishes and tidying up. Then laid on the couch and got the crap beat outta me...thankyouDJ! He was sitting on my hips as I was laying on my side, and rolled off me and ended up kneeing me in the mouth! It shifted one tooth, which Howie says will go back to bite is off...and that one tooth feels kinda weird!

Howie got off work early so he could be here to sign papers for buying a house....yup, you read that right! We're moving!!!!!!! And this time we're not renting!!! We bought a house about 40 mins north east of us in a town called Monroe, but really we're closer to Sultan than Monroe. It'll be a HUGE change for all of us! But its a step in the right direction for us! We need this! Its in a semi-rural area, in that we're in a subdivision of about 20 houses, but then its all country around us...and a golf course nearby and the river Howie fishes in about 5 mins away. In our minds its for 3 years, before DJ gets to grade one and if we still want to move back into this area (we LOVE this school district) we'll have equity to do so. We just couldn't afford to buy here yet....but one day it WILL happen!

The house? It was built in 2007, and has 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, double car garage, 1735 sq ft, and sits on a 1/3 of an acre!!! DJ's very excited about the tree house that's already built around an awesome tree! He keeps asking to go see it...which we will this weekend when we start moving some of the boxes I have packed already.

Imagine that...I've been busy packing and keeping a secret...huh! lol Howie was worse about this than when I was pregnant. HE was the one who made us wait til 12 wks to tell anyone, BOTH times!!! This time he wanted to wait til we had keys in hand, but everything's been signed and sealed...just waiting for the delivery of the keys, tomorrow or Friday...

After the signing, Howie went and took a nap, as he didn't sleep well last nite, and I took the kids to the park as it was a dry day...and we have to take advantage of those dry (and sunny) days while they last! Then we came home for sketti nite!!

After dinner while I was in on the computer in Sam's room, the kids were out here with Howie when I heard the "thump"....followed very closely by Sam SCREAMING, followed by Howie yelling and DJ crying...all not good sounds! Seems DJ hit Sam with the handheld Yahtzee player in the face. It took a bit before I noticed where he'd hit her...she now has her first black eye!! While calming down on my lap, she head bonked me and rattled my teeth (again!) and got my cheek really good! So we both got some vanilla on our boo-boos. And DJ, went straight to bed....did not pass go, did not collect 200 dollars! In fact, he promptly fell asleep in his doorway by he was tired!

Now, I'm watching gonna end this now....

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Congratulations, you guys!!!!! This is so fantastic!!!! :D Can't wait to hear how the kids like it and to see pictures of this treehouse! I'm a country girl so I definetly think it's a good thing. The only bad thing is having to drive farther to get stuff (thank goodness for the internet) but makes up for it in other ways. Congrats again!


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