Thursday, September 3, 2009

Double Whammy

That's what I got today!!! Heaven's sakes!!!! Wait til you hear what the whammies were....

I woke up this morning about 5:05 to the door shutting...but Howie was already gone as he had to work again, I almost freaked myself out thinking the worst...this time tho, I got up and went pee to dispel my fears! It worked and I was able to go back to sleep relatively fact, so well that I have no clue when DJ came in to bed with me....I just woke up to him snuggling my back about 7ish....and we both woke up just before 8. Kinda nice! Altho, the power went out a couple times last nite....I know the first time was at 2 as my clock was flashing, and I think it woke me up....dumb I know!

As we're doing breakfast I got a txt msg from Wyndi asking what I was up cheeky response was 5' 7"...hahaha! She thought it was funny....anyway the end result was that we made plans to meet at the mall and let the kids play in the indoor play area. It was a perfect rainy day for it!! So I rushed thru the dishes (two days worth!!!) and readied myself and the kids and off we went!

DJ was thrilled that we were going to the mall to play, and even more excited that we were meeting up with Izzy!!! Because of the rain I thought I'd cheat and not take in a stroller for SamSam...boy I won't be doing that again!!! She was so happy to be free...and DJ was way ahead of us....thankfully he saw Wyndi and didn't go further than her. We finally corral all the kids into the play area, get jackets off, get shoes off...and set them free. I took my coat off, set my purse down and started "finding" my kids (there were a TONNE of kids there today!!!) and easily spotted them both having fun! Another mom comes up to us asking if we'd moved her, no! Didn't even see one....and she wasn't the mom sitting down where we were we're looking around for a specific cup (from some coffee shop that I have NO clue what their cups look like...I don't even drink coffee!!!) we hear a mom say "no, don't go down there, there's puke!" So I then take over trying to keep kids off the one slide til it gets cleaned up. Its NASTY!!!! And the little girl is just sitting there waiting for her mom....who was not at all surprised her child just vomited....nor was she concerned for her kid...makes me think she shouldn't have brought her sick child out to play! I'm trying to keep kids from going down AND up the 3 foot slide....and answering a little boy who keeps asking "what's that!?"...and out of nowhere this boy comes running up the slide right into the trajectory path of vomit to just slide down in it....and it's MY kid!!!!!! Whammy #1!!!

You bet your bottom dollar we left then and out to the truck and took his pants off and he rode home pantsless!! We invited Izzy and Wyndi to come with us to play....and then stay for lunch. I think all of us had a good impromptu visit! My house was a MESS! But, hey, it's lived in! lol

I put SamSam down for her nap, and shortly after, our company left and it was just me and he coloured and I took a shower...and continued on with the massive amounts of laundry!! Why is it I'm so lazy I end up washing the same dang load 4 (FOUR) times!?!?!?! Really?? I know better!!! Today, I was on the ball tho!!! And managed to do 4 loads!!! just gotta remember to get the last load IN the dryer before bed!

Sam wakes up after a great nap just screaming!! So I go in there, don't turn the light on....and she's got dark stuff on her hands...and she smells poopy...oh joy!!! Get out to the living room and she's got it on both hands, her backside, AND HER MOUTH!!!! OH I wanted to join that little girl from this morning!!! BLECH!! Whammy #2!!! Got her all cleaned up and started thinking dinner....Howie was going to be late, so I was on the ball and ready for him to cook when he got in.

Bedtime went very smoothly....I think we've finally stopped the madness!!! Him not having a nap and me keeping him busy all day is working!! And most times he'll wake up himself to pee...and before I go to bed I turn the night light off and close his door so he won't have any visitors. Seems to be working!

Now...I'm off to change loads in the machines....and then relax a bit....

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. I totally forgot to say that I got my new driver's license in the mail yesterday...all of what, 3 days!!!! DANG!!!!! Super quick!!!

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  1. I'm SO sorry!!! That is terrible. I just had my first experience with Morgan taking his diaper off and getting into a BIG yucky mess. I think I went into shock when I saw him. I guess it's one of those rites of passages for parents that sooner or later you will have to go through. I just thought I was immune to it. ;)


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