Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ever notice

How the weather can match your mood sometimes?? Altho, I hear a lot of people talking about the full moon, so it could very well be that...but this morning when I woke up, I heard the rain falling down and it was nice and gray out....perfectly matched my mood waking up! I'd had a strange dream...I wish I could remember it now, because I lay there going over it just so I could blog about I burrowed under the covers wishing DJ would just sleep in!! Of course, that was not meant to be!!! What happened instead?? He annoyed the dog enough that she climbed up in bed with me to get away from him...and then when I chide him for the 4837th time, he pipes up with "Aw, she's so cute!" and proceeds to pet, if he'd only been this nice in the first place, she wouldn't be up on my bed!!!!!

After breakfast I called to the boat to see how dinner was wasn't! Apparently the fish didn't like the overcast skies...only one guy got fish today! So, no fresh salmon for dinner tonite...might pull out some of our frozen's good to have fish once a week, if not more!

DJ decided this morning that he didn't like what I'd picked out for him to wear...and chose a shirt all by was his Hawaiian shirt....all I can do is chuckle!!! But he was quite adamant that he wear it! He does look spiffy in it! No?

While Howie and SamSam were napping we worked on colouring...which is how I got that cute picture of him! I also worked on my Avon's the link like I promised....Avon I'm not sure how it works if my Canadian peeps want to order so I get the credit...but check it out!!! I got my first order today (thanks Joanne!) and will be submitting on the if you want something, just let me know!!!

I have to tell you something seems DJ's picking up on my phrasing more and just yesterday when I said no to him about something he got very frustrated and said "that's just ridiculous" which is something I say often....and yes, I had a hard time not least he's not picking up on my whispered curses!!! Or the time I called another driver an A'hole because they cut me could be worse!

The afternoon flew by!!! After dinner we did the divide and conquer routine...I took DJ to do more grocery shopping and Howie and SamSam "bonded" while we were gone. In fact, when I got home she was 'dancing' in circles...SO cute!!! They are such different children when they're on their own! Rather enjoyable!

Bed time was a BREEZE tonite!!! Sam nursed right to sleep, and by the time I got done with her and went to tuck DJ in, he was sound asleep!!! He had his pillow and his frog laying on top of him, probably hiding from me, and instead fell asleep...hahaha!

College football has officially while I'm sitting here surfing and blogging, Howie's sitting next to me spectating...and sometimes armchair's a good game tho!! GO DAWGS!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. too funny today Izzy knocked the gate over and came to me and told me
    "i scared the crap out of me!!" lol!!

  2. HAHAHA I can totally see her saying that too!!!


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