Friday, September 25, 2009

Grand Opening

Today was the grand opening of the newest Fred Meyer store here in, they open at 7 but that's way too early for this bird! So we went for shortly after 10! More my style!
We walked in and they handed me a cloth grocery bag and a flyer and a booklet of ballots for drawings all over the store! I'm down with that!! I could use 100.00!! Who couldn't?

They had some pretty amazing deals and I took advantage of them! It was a BUSY place! But not too crowded! Either that or this store is so large...yeah, probably that!

While shopping I got a call from my long lost friend Wyndi! She'd gone missing the last 10 days as she had family visiting! So it was really good to hear from her even tho I couldn't hear her! But we did make plans to picnic in the park and let the kiddos play! So I ran our groceries home and grabbed fresh juice in the kids cups and a banana to go with the McD's I was getting them! I got a sub at Subway...YUM!

The kids had fun!! SamSam even climbed all over the creative and did the slide feet first! She wouldn't do the moving she is like me!! :)

We headed home about 1:30 so as to catch the prime nap time! My Avon order arrived so I got busy getting everything divided, and my name written on the new brochures! Whew that's a lot of writing!! Took the whole nap too!!

Once Samantha woke up we piled back into the truck and delivered an order...then went and picked up my plate I painted last week (pix tomorrow as I'm on my phone, Howie's at work, so no lap top!) and then we did the drive thru at the bank. Raced home, made dinner, ate and then bathed the kids.

They're now both sleeping in bed and I'm waiting for Jake to get home from the football game (they won again!) and trying to find something to watch on tv....sad Friday nite!! Howie should be home about midnite and we've got another busy day tomorrow...but you'll have to wait til then to hear all about it!! :P

Til next time...ciao!

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