Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WOW is all I can say!!!

That concert was the second best one I've ever been too!!!! First one would be Bon Jovi when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant with DJ...and we got to ON STAGE for 4 songs!!!! And he touched me!!!!!! Jon that is! Oh man totally amazing that concert was!! And DJ rocked out in utero!

Tonite...at the Blake Shelton concert....we had a moment!! During the concert we noticed they were letting people from the grand stand (where we were, not 10th row on the ground...) go down to the security gate to take pix....so I literally BEGGED Laura to go with me so I could get a picture up closer than where we were....and I took the sign I made....so let me back up and start at the beginning of my day!

I woke up hearing DJ talking to Howie about 4:15 just before his alarm went off...so he was extra sweet and took DJ to the bathroom and tucked him back in bed. I rolled over and dozed off, pretty nice! Then I heard the car door slam and then 2 mins later heard my door open and DJ come in asking where Daddy went. I told him and had him crawl in bed with me...at this point it was 5:30....we both slept (him better than me!) til 8 and then got up.
I totally had plans to go shopping as Howie needed coffee for tomorrow and we were fresh out! But I got caught up making a sign to take to the concert....wait for it....

Before I knew it was lunch time and DJ was asking for a sammich...then a nap for Sam and crayons and paper for DJ....I was going to get ready for the concert at it was already 2!!! lol Just as I turned my curling iron on, there was a knock on the door...my FIL and his g/f Ellen stopped by!!! He was hurting yesterday and wasn't able to come by for birthday wishes...so they came by this afternoon after his dr appt. So good to see them!!! They had a great visit with DJ, while Sam slept right thru....thankfully!

After they left I went to work beautifying myself!! I even broke a mirror...good thing I don't believe in stupidstitions!! Took some extra effort too as I don't wear make up on a regular basis at all!!! In fact, the last time I wore make up was June 19th...my cousin's wedding. Sad eh? DJ said I looked pretty when I asked him how I looked. SO cute!

Just after 5 Laura picked me up and off we went!!! We got there and I had to PEEEEEE!!!!! So we made a mad dash for the real bathrooms....Missy don't do porta potties!!! Then we headed in the direction of food...we were starving!!!! As we perusing the choices I discover I can't find my ticket. In an absolute panic we search my pockets and purse and come up empty!!! My heart SANK!!! We back tracked all the way to the entrance!!! Had to get stamped out to go to the box office window to see if they could do anything for me. While we're standing in line Laura goes thru my pockets and purse "one more time!" and comes up with nothing. We then beg for help in our situation as I'm near tears at this point!!! The gal doesn't know what to do exactly and has to call management....she asks us to step to the side so she can help others. While we're standing there in disbelief of my stupidity....I reach back to my jeans under my shirt and THERE'S MY TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuck to my back along the waistband of my pants! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I let the gal know we found it...she asks where, and I say "you don't want to know!" and off we go running!! We had barely time to eat, so we missed the opening act...grabbed an onion burst (YUM!) a piroshky and some lemonade. Then grabbed a gyro each (they didn't have any falafels Mom...I wanted one!) and headed to the grandstand. Turns out we could take our food in, so that was awesome to sit and eat properly! We caught the last 2 songs of the opening act...so good timing!

Then, he took the stage!!! And it was awesome from the get go!!! Then "it" happened!!! As I'm down there getting this picture -------->

I unroll my sign that says @blakeshelton can I please have your TWITTERGRAPH?

He read it, smiled (all the while singing) and shook his head and wagged his finger at me...Me? I'm beaming from ear to ear (even while typing this thinking back on it!)
Totally a moment!!

You see, he's on twitter and whenever anyone asks for his twittergraph (which isn't really anything) he responds by asking what that means!! SO I totally made a funny with my sign!! It worked!!!!!

Here's a few more pix...I have to get to bed!!!
This is how far back we were from the stage...still good visual and AWESOME sound!!

This is as close as my phone will be me get....so not very good quality!

This is during 'Ol Red...GREAT song!!!!

And here's one of Laura playing one of the carny games....she beat me!

Til next time...yawn, I mean ciao!

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