Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm trying desperately

To hold out in putting the heat on! But dang it was COLD this morning!!! Don't tell Howie, but I did close the window this morning, so no more waking up with a froggy throat! My goal is to wait til October 1st, thankfully that's 2 days away!! I can hack it til then!! I've been wearing my slippers for the past month and using my snuggie (thanks Jackie) at nite to keep warm. We also need the a/c taken out of the window as it has a horrid draught right here where I'm sitting. OK, I have to stop talking about this, its giving me chills! lol

Today we took a field trip to Value Village in search of a Halloween costume for SamSam! For the first time since having kids, I have NO clue what I want her to be! DJ is borrowing a Lightning McQueen costume from a friend, so he's set! I didn't find anything in VV either, but there is one at Fred Meyer that is still buggin in the back of my head....its the fall back one. I did however find two pair of pants for DJ and two pair of pants for which my husband says "Are we that poor you're shopping at Value Village?" hahahaha oh that cracked me up! I'm just that cheap! lol

DJ also got a new bouncy ball...think dodge ball....and its in pumpkin orange with a face on it. He's soooooo happy he got the ball!!! We got home with plenty of time for him to play outside before lunch. The sun was shining and so we took advantage of it and ended up with a later than normal lunch! It all worked out tho!

I even managed to sneak a power nap in...I was laying on my bed about 3 (I know this cuz I had to re-set my clock thanks to DJ pulling the cord out...) and DJ was bugging at me and then snuggling me and before I know its 3:42! And he was sound asleep! I woke him up cuz I knew how much of a bear he'd be to put to bed, and I'd rather deal with the notlongenoughofanap bear than the aforementioned bear. Plus, I'd promised him that we'd go to the park and play with his new "basketball"...that's what he thinks it is. So with those promises he awoke! Still a bit grumpy, but ready to go. We got Sam up and she'd pee'd herself AGAIN!
Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I had a pee-full morning! Sam woke up completely soaked again, and DJ while peeing first thing this morning, wasn't quite far enough back and peed just about everywhere....lovely thing to deal with first thing in the morning! So, when Sam woke up soaked again after her nap (which means we need to bump up a size in diapers...) I decided she was getting a bath! I was just grossed out by the smell!

While bathing her Howie came home, so DJ finally got out of the bathroom! He said he wanted a bath too, but then decided he didn't want to get naked cuz that would mean no park...and he REALLY wanted to go! Once I got the beer can chicken (apple juice today) ready, and Howie fully instructed, we took off for greener areas! With the cooler weather there's less people at the park...which is more than fine by me! There was one other boy there who was about 5 or 6 and his older sister, about 10, and their dad. DJ realized early that he wouldn't be able to shoot his basketball into the hoop, he went and played tag with them. He had fun too, til they left! And we had fun when they left too!
It was a bit windy today! Look how big my babies are getting!! *sigh*

We came home and discovered the BBQ ran out of propane and Howie put the chicken in the while it was roasting I got busy doing dishes and making the rest of dinner. Howie still wasn't feeling so hot, so he had about half of what he'd normally eat. Poor guy! He keeps thinking he's fevered but he's not. If it goes on too long, I'll be enforcing a trip to the it or lump it!

Everyone's asleep, the third load of laundry (I swear I've done 2 loads a day for the past week!) and I'm watching telly in my snuggie and slippers....thinking about a snack...and about to go do some Facebooking (that IS a word!)

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I must confess that we HAVE put the heat on! Just once so far but we have already had such a heavy frost that we needed to scrap windows - Northern Canada at it's best! {sigh} Thus begins 9 months of coldness...

  2. Oops that comment was from me, LOVEMOM but stop on by my "other" blog (it's the one I have been using to "deal" with Rush leaving home.)

  3. You ARE north of I'm not surprised one bit to see you've put the heat on! LOL Today's post will show, I too have it on now! lol

    You did confuse me too...thanks for clearing it up!


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