Friday, September 11, 2009

The Silvers are here!!!

The Silvers are here...and they're TASTY!!!! Howie had the day off in lieu of working Labour Day, so he went fishing! And it paid off!!! He caught two of the variety we've been eating for the last couple months....and one Silver! We chose to have the Silver tonite for dinner....and last week when I'd gone grocery shopping I got this Teriyaki marinade and was itching to try it!!! Good thing I read it too, as for seafood you only marinate for a half hour. Which is what we did and then grilled it to perfection!!! That was all Howie!! I took care of steaming the broccoli and parmesan noodles and biscuits. Talk about a feast!!! Even the kids gobbled it all down!

This morning I had the horrid chore of doing 5 meals worth of dishes!! I was a slacker yesterday and had to pay for it this morning! I really hate not having a dishwasher! While doing dishes I got a text from Wyndi wanting to take advantage of the weather and do a picnic after Izzy got out of school...PERFECT!!! Gets the house quiet for Howie so he can sleep! Gets the kids out of the house and expending their energies!! And I get adult conversation!!! I can't complain about that!!!

Even better, they came home with us and while Sam slept, DJ and Izzy played and played in the front yard! It was then that Wyndi agreed this is a VERY busy street that we live on!! Nice to have the validation! After they went home we went inside to have some quiet time...which was not to be had as SamSam woke up! And then it was time to get Howie up!

Howie needed to clean the boat and so DJ was his helper....I took Sam to the grocery store and then the craft store! I got the rest of the yarn to finish off a scarf (which I did tonite watching TV) and some more ribbon. Now that Samantha is letting me put "pretties" in her hair (even tho she takes them out after an hour or so) I need to make more to co-ordinate with her clothing and season....this excites me! Sad isn't it?? lol

Bedtime went well....I almost dread going to bed now as I lay there waiting for DJ to wake up....and he did last nite!! 1:40 I heard the handle on my door open....helped him go potty and back to bed I went. This time falling fast asleep! But going to bed at 2 doesn't appeal to me anymore now that I'm 37! Man, I'm getting old! Then he joined me about 6:30 and snuggled right back to sleep til 8:30...which was nice!

Tonite he went to sleep relatively I'll be waking him before I go to bed in hopes of omitting his wake up call!

Oh, I forgot to mention....Jake was in the paper this last week!! A picture of him and his friend Kyle making a play in last weeks' game! SOOO kool!!! The story is here, but the picture isn't part of the online story....bummer!!! It's a great pic too!!! He didn't play this week because he has a pulled hamstring....poor guy! He's sitting on ice as I type this....he went to tonite's game but was on the sidelines the whole time. They won too!! 34-14 Gotta love it!!

Til next time...ciao!

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